Top Tips for Tiling your Home

Today’s guest article, has some great ideas for how to use tiles in your home, a product that has grown in popularity over the last few years. Enjoy!

Stylish tilesTiles are a popular choice and are being used all around the home. They are both practical and stylish and with such a huge choice, it is easy to see why. Hiring a professional can become expensive, and often they are not needed. If you are considering tiling your home, why not do it yourself. Embarking on a DIY project such as this, will give you such a sense of achievement at the end; not to mention how smug you’ll feel at the amount of money you have potentially saved yourself. Follow these handy tips to find out how to get that truly professional finish in your home, even if it is your first time tiling.

Where to Start?

Tiling is big job, and whilst it is a brilliant DIY project, it is important that plan carefully. Do not let the thought of the project become too daunting. As long as you stay organised, take your time and know exactly what you are required to do, there is no reason why it should become too much.

Decide how you are going to go about your tiling, and think of the most logical and methodical way of carrying out the task at hand. Think about how you want the tiles to lay (see here for more about tile patterns), and whether or not you will finish the job in one go. If this isn’t likely, you need to consider how accessible the room is, should you need to use it before it has been finished.  Ensure that you have all the tools that you require prior to starting, as you may not know when you will need them! And you should also make sure your tools are cleaned thoroughly before you finish.

Do not start tiling unless you are sure that you have enough tiles to cover the entire area, plus a few extra. These ‘extras’ will ensure that you have room for mistakes. If you have just enough tiles, but know that you have some intricate cutting to do, you’ve no margin for error. Not only this, but if you have more than you will need, it means that in a few years’ time, if any need replacing, you do not have the worry that they no longer stock the tile you need.

Start Small

If you have never tiled anything before, do not start with anything too ambitious. Walls, floors and backsplashes are brilliant places to start and leave the arches and fireplaces until you have a little more experience. If you are tackling something more difficult which requires you to tile around an awkward area cutting tiles, it’s worth making yourself a stiff cardboard cut-out first to use as a guide. Use it like you would a template to ensure that your cutting is accurate. It is also worth investing in tiles spacers as well, to guarantee that professional looking finish.

The Last Tile

Finally, be creative! The joy of tiles is the sheer variety. You can mix up textures, colours, and sizes, in fact the possibilities are endless, and it is an excellent opportunity to really explore different trends and ideas. A huge tiling bonus is that they do not dull with age, regardless of the material. Furthermore, depending on the material you choose, they rarely need replacing, which means that they will stay looking brilliant for a very long time.

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