3 Easy Ways to Style Your Windows

In today’s post we’re looking at different ways to dress your windows – one thing I know I’m always interested in! Do read on to find out more.


An important feature of any home, windows can often be neglected when decorating or renovating a room. Rather than ignoring these important features, why not make the most of them with superior styling using these three top tips?

 3 top tips to a well dressed window - click through to see how to style them perfectly

1. Dress to impress

The easiest thing to change with your windows is their dressing, and you’d be surprised just how much difference a new pair of curtains or a stylish blind can make. The trick is to pick a style which offers versatility whilst remaining in-keeping with your interior decor trends.

For blinds, opt for something in a neutral colour that blends seamlessly with your home. The style of blind should be based more on personal preference but it is worth bearing in mind the age of your property. Older homes with a traditional style will suit fabric blinds better than modern homes which are best suited to aluminium blinds that boast a futuristic appearance.

With curtains, vary the thickness of material depending on the season. Thick fabrics are a great insulator in the winter but in the summer they drag down the appearance of your home. Instead, opt for thinner materials that are more delicate on the eye. Sheer fabrics are always a good choice and silk tie-backs can really add a look of luxury. Opt for a colour scheme which matches your home and choose the curtain rail and type of curtain top carefully to match your home.

If you want a clean, uninterrupted view of the great outdoors from your window then abandoning net curtains is a good idea. You could always combine traditional curtains with modern blinds for a real marriage of style that gives you the ability to shut out the world and open your home up to the outdoors as desired.

Dress to Impress with your windows - 3 top tips on how to style your windows perfectly.

 2. Open up

Windows are functional items in any home and as such are meant to be used. This means that having them constantly closed or locked is limiting the purpose they play in your home so ditch the keys and open up!

Not only is this a great way to introduce more light and air into your home but it also allows a room to feel more comfortable and natural. If you’re worried about security then look at different styles of window or locking mechanism to help. Timber sash windows, for example, are a great option and help you make the most of your home whilst still being secure.


3. Outside and within

Lastly, remember that windows are seen from both outside and inside and that means you need to address both areas when styling them. Internally, window dressings such as those mentioned above are needed but outside things are far simpler. As a general rule, most windows will retain a plain appearance from the outside but you should make the effort to clean them, and the frames, regularly. Always proceed with caution here – especially if cleaning windows on elevated floors – opting for easy-clean window designs or hiring a professional service. If you want to embellish the external appearance then frosted or patterned glass is a popular option as are window boxes which place plants right in your line of sight.

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Top tips and inspiration for making your windows stand out, suggestions and ideas on how you can dress your windows to perfection!

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