A Guide to Buying the BEST Sideboards for Every Home

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Humans always look for ways to do things faster, more efficiently, and conveniently. This desire to make life easier, enjoyable, and appealing can be traced to many incredible inventions, including furniture. Furniture has existed since as far back as 3100-2500B.C, when they were carved out of stones. 

Furniture creates a neat, tidy, and peaceful state in the home. Although several pieces of furniture are used at home, we will focus on sideboards in this blog. Sideboards have existed since the late 18th century and are still used to date. 

Choosing the Right Sideboard for your Home

What is a Sideboard? 

Sideboards are average-height furniture with a long, flat surface, triangular sides, and mixtures of segments, drawers, and shelves. Some sideboards have short legs to make them stand firmly against the wall.

This piece of furniture is versatile and can serve different personalized purposes for various home settings. It can be placed in interior corridors, storage rooms, Living rooms, and bedrooms; its functions in various rooms will differ. The type of sideboard set in the dining or kitchen is called a buffet. 

Sideboard serves many purposes based on where it is placed. Some of its primary functions include

  • Display units for collectibles, artworks, trophies, and books. Sideboards serve organizational and decorative purposes and prevent damage to those items. 
  • Use for storage of household items and kitchen wares for easy accessibility when needed.
  • Tv stands, lamp holders, video games, and toys can be stored or displayed on a sideboard.

Types of Sideboard 

There are three significant types of sideboards that you can choose from based on your existing interior designs, budget, and other types of furniture you own.

Traditional Sideboard

Traditional sideboards are the type of sideboard used in the late 18th century when it was first invented. This type of sideboard is made from hardwood and comes with a simple design with a sleek surface. Its distinguishable characteristics include; short height, long flat surface, and triangular sides with drawers. The traditional sideboards don’t have shelves or open segments. 

Traditional sideboards were used mainly for storage. They are in the bedroom, dining or kitchen. 

Vintage sideboard

A vintage sideboard can be regarded as an advanced traditional sideboard. The distinguishable characteristics of vintage sideboards are their luxurious, shining, artistic, and royal designs. These sideboards are made from hardwood, pebbles, marbles, and sometimes glass. Vintage sideboard screams French design when you see them; they originated from the French countryside.  

Vintage sideboards are used for decorative, storage, and display purposes. 

Modern sideboard 

Image: Tylko

While traditional and vintage sideboards are usually blocky in designs with only drawers, modern sideboards include open segments, shelves, and drawers. The various styles, sizes, and colors of sideboard here will perfectly serve your desired purposes; check them out. They are more versatile and lighter and feature elegant, sleek designs in various colors. Above all, they are manufactured by a trusted brand (tylko) that has been in the furniture production business for years. 

Modern sideboards are made from various raw materials such as; wood, plywood, acrylic, plastic, and metals. A modern sideboard can be used for many purposes, as mentioned above. 

Good luck choosing your sideboard. They’re a great piece of furniture to for a living room, bedroom or even your home office, and provide great storage and styling options.

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