Why White is the Popular Choice for Bedding

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The bedding options today seem limitless, perhaps to the point of being overwhelming. You can choose designs in every colour under the rainbow, from soft pastels to solid and vibrant colours. Then, there are countless patterns and decorative details like lace edgework or embroidered filigree.

Nevertheless, white bedding remains the most popular choice.

No other bedding feels as warm and welcoming as white linen bed sets. It gives the bedroom a clean, fresh look that is more than enough of an excuse to keep you curled up while you indulge in some much-needed me time.

It makes sense that hotels won’t accept bedding in their cosy rooms in any other colour. It’s their way of demonstrating to guests that whenever they check-in and stay for a night or two, they can count on cleanliness and freshness. Who would, after a long, exhausting day, refuse these crisp white sheets to lie down in and get some peaceful sleep?

Why Choose White Bedding?

Image: Sweetpea and Willow

At first look, white bedding may appear dull and plain. But, what you may not know is that it can help you fall asleep more effectively than any other colour. By simply looking at a freshly made bed with spotless clean bedding, like an Egyptian cotton sheet and an Egyptian cotton white duvet cover, you will be tempted to jump into it. 

Furthermore, this colour is linked to goodness and calmness, so it can relax you more than any other colour, which in turn can help you sleep better. It is one of the reasons why sheets in this colour are often used in hotels— to create a calming effect on people’s moods.

But the benefits you’ll enjoy don’t end here.

It’s the Perfect Match for Any Interior Design Aesthetic

Neutral bedding can be adapted to any design requirements. Add a white quilt or white bedspread and it goes with any bedroom style, whether it has the dreamy romanticism of French country, the sleek lines of industrial style, or any other design theme in between.

You can Let Your Imagination Run Wild

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Consider this a white duvet set as a blank canvas for your interior design aspirations. A white duvet cover can be enhanced with vibrant decorative pillows or quilted coverlets that bring colour and interesting patterns and textures to your room. This gives you great flexibility (and also helps you save some money) because you only need to change the accessories, not the actual bedding, whenever you want to change the appearance of your bedroom. An all-white bed complements the bedroom’s other furnishings, rugs, and draperies well.

It Always Looks New and Crisp

With good care, a white duvet cover never loses its crisp appearance no matter how old it is. Unlike other colours or sheets with prints that tend to seem worn out after just a few months of usage, this bedding (especially if you choose high-quality linen) won’t lose its beauty even after years of use.

It’s Gender Neutral

Image: Norsu Interiors

Do you find pinstripes too masculine and florals overly feminine? A white linen duvet cover can be the ideal choice to achieve the perfect balance you’re looking for. When creating a registry list, engaged couples frequently decide to include white linens. And if those sheets are of high quality, they will last for many years as a part of their new house.

How to Achieve the Hotel Bed Look

In addition to the white colour, there are other things you’ll want to consider when creating the divine, cloud-like hotel bed. 

Consider the Bedding Thread Count

Image: Danetti

The sheets at five-star hotels typically have a thread count mark of about 300. They are also always cotton, specifically Egyptian cotton, as this is the most breathable, helping guests stay cool. 

Egyptian cotton also doesn’t pill. Small pieces of fabric that form during pilling can be both uncomfortable and unsightly. They frequently appear in sheets with lower quality or thread counts, but they do not appear in Egyptian cotton sheets. So when shopping, look for bedding featuring a 300-thread-count mark made from Egyptian cotton. Stay away from versions made of less expensive microfiber.

Avoid Using Fitted Sheets

This may sound confusing, but the next time you stay in a hotel take a closer look at the sheet arrangement. You’ll notice something is missing: the fitted sheet. 

Hotels typically place two flat sheets instead of fitted ones. Usually, the bottom flat sheet is oversized so it can be tucked under the mattress. At the foot of the bed, the top flat sheet is folded and tucked in. Make sure the top flat sheet is inside-out so that when you flip the top piece over, you can see the correct side of the sheet.

The bottom line? Avoid using a white fitted sheet if you want a hotel-like bed. 

Use a Cotton Duvet and a Down Comforter

Image: Headboard Workshop

One of the many tricks to a perfect hotel night’s sleep is a nice, heavy, down comforter with a breathable Egyptian cotton white duvet cover. Although stuffing a duvet isn’t quite easy, once it’s done, you’ll question how you ever slept without one. For extra fluffiness, choose a duvet that is a few centimetres longer on each side.

Get Lots of Pillows

The term less is more, surely doesn’t apply to pillows. Two to four down pillows, about two fibre-filled pillows, and possibly a few decorative pillows are typically provided in the best hotels.

Taking Proper Care of your Bedding

The biggest issue you may experience with this white linen bedding is discolouration. Although it does require extra care in the laundry room, maintaining it isn’t a major hassle. You can begin by being careful to prevent stains. This doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your favourite indulgences, like drinking tea in bed. If something does spill on your bedding, just make sure to wash it right away.

Use a detergent specially formulated for white fabrics when washing your bedding, and wash your sheets frequently to avoid discolouration. Avoid using bleach if you want to give them a little brightness refresh. While bleach is effective at cleaning, it can also give fabrics a yellow tint. 

Instead, make a soak with warm water, distilled white vinegar freshly squeezed and strained lemon juice, and baking soda as an alternative to bleach. To keep your bedding as bright and spotless as possible, you can periodically soak it in this mixture and then wash it as usual. 

With diligence and some useful practices, you’ll be able to keep the spotless appearance you love so much!

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