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I certainly feel like the seasons are definitely on the change now. It seems to be dark by 7.30pm and I’m feeling a little chilly during the evenings. Whilst I welcome the autumn it’s a time when I do wish for just one more balmy summer evening. But it’s time to move on, and with the change in the season comes all the new home and interior collections. Today I want to show you the new look book from OKA.

If you’ve not come across them before, OKA they’ve been around since the last 1990’s when the 3 founders launched the interior design mail order catalogue. Since then they’ve developed the brand, have stores in some major cities and provide a renowned interior design service.

Let’s check out some of their key looks for the autumn season.

Feng Sue

Beautiful styling comes together in this dining room setup including scandi style dining chairs, some stylish lighting and a wonderful wall board backdrop. There are so many elements I would take away from this look, I really want to find out more. Founding Director Sue Jones transforms a new-build open-plan apartment in London into a relaxing space that cleverly balances old and new, with a slight oriental twist. There’s so much I love about this look. Check out those furry chair seats, and how about the lamps above the table, and those wall boards. For me it has a kind of Icelandic meets Oriental feel and I like it a lot.

Palazzo Nuovo

palazzonuovo_v2Founding Director Annabel Astor revamps an original Venetian palace into a home fit for the 21st Century, whilst maintaining the palatial grandeur. This look is much more grown up and sophisticated and, oh wow, check out that stunning chandelier. Now that’s a statement if ever I saw one.

The Berkshire Mahal

mahal_v2Founding Director Lucinda Waterhouse creates a traditional home in the country but introduces an unexpected Indian create the perfect contemporary interior, with a slight oriental twist. I do love an unconventional country look and this one ticks lots of boxes for me. Love that rug, the wall colour and that almost semi-industrial feel of the hooks and mirror. This one is a winner I think.

So how about some of my other favourite pieces from the OKA selection?

drinks-trolleyOh my! Check out this contemporary twist on the traditional drinks trolley. I’m hankering after one of these for my own home so I might have to indulge a little! This one is just brilliant in its perspex and metal finished styling. Nicely unobtrusive yet making enough of a statement to be noticed, this would look the bees knees in any contemporary home. I’ll warn you now, it’s more of an investment piece, but we need to indulge now and then right?

minimal-livingAnother styling with plenty of pieces that draw my attention. I love the minimal, sleek and sophisticated setup of this room, but adore how it still feels warm and inviting. I want my home and the pieces in it to be touched and used, I don’t want to feel that it’s a show home, and I know I’d feel ok sinking down into this sofa and putting my feet up on that stool (I might move the bowls first!). My point is I want my space to look great and with this kind of look I know I’d feel comfortable too.

If you want to check out OKA for yourself, find out more about the looks I’ve featured here and their new Autumn collection you can click HERE.

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