5 Most Common Hurdles for First-Time Roof Window Homeowners

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If you are moving into a property that has been fitted with roof windows, you have probably been already researching when to replace skylights. Indeed, due to their positions, outdated or damaged roof windows can compromise the integrity of your home structure. Thankfully, signs of wear and tear are quick to spot, ranging from leakage to draft.

However, if you are unfamiliar with skylights, you may come across some challenges even if the windows do not need replacing, as you get used to them. So what are the most common things that take new roof window owners by surprise?

Insect intrusion

Roof windows are perfectly designed for easy ventilation. You can leave the skylight slightly open to let the fresh air come through. However, while the fresh air comes in, you can also get a horde of insects that find their way indoors. Unfortunately, ventilating means inviting flying pests such as flies and mosquitoes in. So, if keeping your roof windows shut is not an option, you may want to consider installing fly screens. The fine mesh screen allows the air to flow while preventing unwanted visitors from entering your living space. 

Forgetfulness and security

One of the greatest joys of roof windows is the breeze they bring on warm days. While it is tempting to open all the windows and ventilate the house, you want to ensure that you do not leave the house without supervision when the windows are open, including the skylight. Indeed, while burglars are less likely to approach your property from the roof, the rain, however, can find an easy way in. 

So, if you are concerned about forgetting to shut your roof windows while you are not at home. It may be worth considering smart home technology additions, such as electric window openers that can integrate with other elements of a smart home system. 

Insurance implications

While most burglars will not try to gain access through a roof window, some will. So, an opened skylight could dramatically affect home insurance claims in the event of a burglary. 

When it comes to a breach of security, most home insurance companies consider any open windows as a risk. In other words, it can be helpful to establish a routine to check your windows before you leave the house. 

Sleep disruption: too much light

The beauty of starlit skies and early morning sunrises can quickly become a nightmare that disrupts your sleep schedule. The excess light that streams through the roof windows can make it tough to have a restful night of sleep or even to maintain your circadian rhythm. If your roof windows are in your bedroom, you may need to invest in blackout blinds that block the light when you need to rest. 

Shielding your privacy from prying eyes

You may not realise it, but roof windows could potentially expose your living space to neighbouring houses. Whether the skylights are in your bedroom, bathroom, or even living room, surrounding houses could expose your interior and your life to prying eyes. Even if you do not want light-blocking blinds, window coverings that prevent people from seeing inside your home could be a privacy game-changer.

Smart home tech can also integrate intelligent blind controls that open and shut the blind depending on the time of the day and the room’s function. 

Roof windows undoubtedly transform living spaces. But, they can also expose you to unwanted risks and situations if you are not prepared. Hopefully, these few tips can ensure smooth roof window adoption!

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