How to find Inspiration at Home Day to Day

I love some of the ideas in this article, helping you to find inspiration at home. Some very simple and easy to use ideas for making your home a place of comfort and joy.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “a house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body”. Yet finding this creative fire and inspiration can sometimes prove tricky.

To help, here are some easy ideas for creating an inspiring and uplifting home environment for day-to-day life.


Creative colours

One of the quickest ways to inject vitality and inspiration into a home is by making over its colour scheme. The best colours for lifting the atmosphere of a room are always brighter and bolder shades so why not opt for a vibrant feature wall? Alternatively, introduce colour through accessories, ornaments and soft furnishings to avoid your statement being overpowering.


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 A place of comfort

Another great way to transform your home into an inspiring destination is to ensure it’s a comfortable and welcoming location. This means that anyone with a cheap sofa or uncomfortable bed should purchase better quality versions.

DFS sofas come in a range of affordable yet extremely comfortable options that are perfect for transforming your average living room into a truly welcoming location. Take a look at their selection and consider what style, colour and material would suit your living room best.


Get your ideas flowing

Turn your kitchen into a fun and interactive space with a whiteboard or pin board to post ideas on. Some of the things to pin up could include practical reminders like a shopping list and inspirational recipe ideas and photos. For anyone trying to stick to a New Year’s resolution (like quitting smoking or eating more healthily) this is a great way to stay motivated.



 Nearly everyone has some mess and junk lying around that ought to be cleared out. Set an afternoon aside to sort through unwanted items and donate them to charity or sell online for some extra cash. Opting for a minimalist design is the best way to create a blank canvas which you can put your stamp on later.


Invest in art

Sometimes the best way to find inspiration is by surrounding yourself with the artistic creations of others. Instead of storing your books in a box out of sight, opt for an open faced bookshelf or store them on an empty wall in the living room. If your home is devoid of artwork, head to a nearby art store and purchase work by a local artist. It makes for a great conversation starter with guests and could give you some much needed inspiration.


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  1. February 22, 2013 / 4:22 pm

    You could also add some gorgeous wood flooring like I just have in my house! I discovered walnut flooring in American version and it is stunning. The trend for 2013 for bedrooms is emerald green or rub red and the green looks amazing with wooden flooring and natural tones!

  2. July 16, 2019 / 7:50 am

    You could also add some gorgeous wood flooring like I just have in my house! Thanks

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