How to Modernise Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with home design distinctly matching a certain era. Sometimes, it can be quite lovely to see a home holding onto its period roots, proudly displaying its character, or even being designed to look a certain way despite the overall structure not matching that aesthetic from an authenticity standpoint.

That said, there’s a big difference between purposeful period design, or even preserved character, and outdated, somewhat stark decors. For example, textured wallpaper from the 80s is not considered pleasant in 2023, even though it was all the range at some points, and may work well when installed new in a retro-focused room.

If you’ve found that a room of your house feels archaic, then it’s nice to consider how to adjust its era more easily. In this post, we’ll discuss some measures by which to achieve that, and how to renew a room into the new era in the healthiest possible light:

Update Color Schemes

It may be that some of your color schemes are out of style. That’s absolutely fine. For example, the darker olive color that was a retro staple of the early 90s can sometimes feel a little out of place, especially when you connect that to the somewhat faded beige that always seems to accompany older color schemes.

Updating with neutral, amber, off-white can serve as a good place to start, giving you more freedom and comfort to decorate from there. Perhaps you could even use it as a base for better wallpaper from, giving you the chance to play with patterns and timeless floral displays.

Smart Home Technologies

It’s not hard to see that smart home technologies are of an era, our era, given how they’ve only recently become a very popular investment and can nestle cleanly into any other form of decors. A doorbell camera, wall mounted entertainment units, smart lighting, home assistants that connect to appliances like curtain closers or even coffee pots, the options are limitless depending on the devices you want to bring into the household.

Some televisions even have “ambient modes” which allow for the clean display of a calm image when not in use, fitting well against your wall color. If you hope to help a room meet the modern day, there’s almost nothing as effective as using tech to do it.

Reimagine Your Layout

Reimagining the layout of a space can help you renew it for good. After all, the shape and use of living rooms have changed since televisions became a common staple in the household, but it may also be that you hope to make this space into a more social area rather than one you spend glued to the screen. As such, you might implement a coffee table in the middle of the room to enjoy a more informal social gathering.

You can also implement speakers in the room for the quiet setting of ambience, and develop small areas for personal introspection, like a reading corner for those who won’t watch television. Consider how you use the room now, and that will update it to the modern day, not just through decors but function.

With this advice, you’re sure to help an archaic, outdated room meet the modern day.

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