Pet Grooming: How to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

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How do you keep your home clean when you have pets? We created several essential tips that every pet owner needs to know if they want a clean and tidy home.

With any dog comes a little extra tidying. After all, they have fur of their, many dogs shed, and all dogs leave some form of dander, even those that are often called hypoallergenic.

However, if you’re looking to keep your home clean, then you want to make sure that you stay on top of their grooming needs.

Here, we’re going to look at the various ways that you can make sure that you’re proactive with your dogs’ grooming needs.

How to Keep a Clean Home when you have a Dog

1. Get a vacuum at the ready

All dogs cast to some degree. Even dogs that are said not to cast at all still leave some dander in their wake, which can tend to build up over time, making for a dustier house.

As such, whether you’re dealing with fur, dander, or any other kind of mess that your dog makes, you should make sure that you have a decent handheld vacuum at the ready so that you’re able to easily scoop it right back up after you spot it.

As with the rest of their grooming needs, covered next, how much your dog casts will depend largely on their breed.

2. Know your dog’s needs

As mentioned, the different breeds of dogs all have different types of fur.

Not only should you keep this in mind so you can have a good idea of whether or not they need to be groomed on a more regular basis, but you can also get an idea of which tools, such as dog grooming scissors, are going to be the best fit for them.

Breed club websites can recommend any specific tools that you might need for your hair and when in doubt, you can always ask your professional groomer what tools they would recommend that you can pick up.

A little more grooming means they’re less likely to shed, after all.

3. Make grooming a tidier job

When you’re grooming your dog, there’s a real possibility to make something of a mess yourself. As such, it’s a good idea to have a space where you can carry out that grooming and easily tidy up after yourself.

For instance, you might have a dog blanket that you can put on top of your sofa that can easily catch all of the hair that comes off, to prevent it from falling onto the sofa itself or the floor.

When it comes to bath time, investing in a skin-friendly fragrant shampoo can make sure that your dog is clean, without so much of the wet dog smell.

And, again, always vacuum up after yourself after doing a little grooming as you will create more dander than usual when clipping them.

 Living with a dog doesn’t have to be a cleaning nightmare. It will take some extra work, there’s no getting around that, but being more organised about how you do it can ensure that you don’t have a whole day of cleaning to do each day thanks to your dog.

Again, the most important tip is to know the specifics of your pet.

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