Review: A Mini Bedroom Makeover from Dunelm

My youngest daughter, Miss R has the smallest bedroom in the house. Ideally we would convert the loft and give her a bigger room, but it’s not happening at the moment so we try to make the room as special as possible for her. One thing on her wishlist recently, now she’s 6 years old, has been a pinboard or noticeboard for her wall. She is really creative and loves playing ‘schools’ in her room; I think the pinboard acts a great storage place for all her ‘teacher’ creations.

So when I was asked to take a look at some pieces from the new Rose and Ellis range it was a great chance to give Miss R’s room a mini bedroom makeover from Dunelm. Included in the range is a lovely soft pinboard that I knew Miss R would love so we selected our favourite pieces. As you can see in the images below we went for a single bed set, some bunting and cute little picture for the wall. It all came to just under £70 which I thought was pretty good.

rose and ellis from dunelm

Doesn’t it all look so pretty? And Miss R is just loving how girly and grown up her room now looks.

I’ve been quite impressed with the products, the bedding in particular. The single set retails at £35 and is beautiful cotton with a lovely satin feel. It’s washed really too. The art work and the pinboard are just great, whilst the bunting is good value at just £3.99 a piece. I think I would have paid a little more though and had it printed on both sides, but that’s just a little niggle. The print is very girly and pink which of course goes down well with my 6 year old. I’m thinking it would look lovely in a more vintage styled home too.

Another reason I was happy to go ahead and try some of Dunelm’s products was the way that this print will work for many years. I’ve said before that choosing branded and character items for your child’s bedroom is great whilst it lasts, but children soon outgrow their current favourites and want something new. A style like this will grow with your child as she develops and her tastes change. Another bonus for me.

Thank you to Dunelm for providing the lovely items for Miss R’s bedroom mini makeover. The comments and opinions are genuine and honest throughout.

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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