Valentine’s Gifts: What Women Really Want

Valentine's Day What Women really Want

Good morning, and welcome to today’s guest post, looking at our spending habits for Valentine’s Day. Are you planning to celebrate this year with your loved one?

If you’re looking for gift ideas, I have a little Valentines Roundup that I shared last week, as well as showcasing some personalised wall art.


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Of Love & Money: Valentine’s Day in the UK

This Valentine’s Day, lovers all around the world will be looking for the perfect gift for the special woman in their life. Whilst some find it easy to choose the ideal present that will make their wife smile, others are left struggling for inspiration and end up falling back on the traditional staple gifts of chocolates and flowers. There’s nothing wrong with a bouquet of rich red roses delivered to the door, nor will a nicely presented box of luxury chocolates be rejected, but the best gifts are those which are truly memorable. This year, what women really want is something that shows their partner has put thought and effort into choosing the right thing for them as an individual.

Of course, this still could be chocolates if that really is the thing that makes the woman in question the happiest. However, rather than simply selecting a standard box from the local supermarket, how about visiting a specialist chocolatier and personalising the selection? Choose flavours that the lady will love – some prefer citrus and fruit notes like raspberry, whilst others would love fudges and vanilla confections. The best chocolatiers will also be able to gift-wrap the items whilst you are in the shop, making it into a real experience to open. Don’t forget that the wrapping is an important part of the process of giving a gift: the anticipation and excitement builds as she pulls away the ribbon and splits open the paper, enhancing her happiness when the contents are revealed.

Personalised gifts are always a winner, whatever form they take. The internet now makes it easy to find special handmade presents from a range of independent suppliers. Many women would love to receive a photograph frame which has been engraved with their anniversary date, or a specially created art piece using information from their lives. Alternatively, rather than focussing on the relationship, why not look at her own preferences? If she has a favourite film, a framed still or movie poster might be the ideal way to show her that you really were paying attention. Likewise, a rare copy of a beloved book could be what she would love most – again reinforcing the idea that she is important to you and you have taken her desires on board.

Other desires can be harder to shop for, yet lingerie remains a very popular gift for Valentine’s Day. The confident man can certainly purchase luxurious lingerie for his partner, but it’s crucially important to get the sizing and style right. No woman wants badly fitting lingerie, which will make her feel self-conscious and unhappy on a day when you should be celebrating your love together.

On the other hand, a grand gesture can also be the key to a happy Valentine’s Day. If it has been a stressful year, a getaway on a romantic city break could be something she would really appreciate. The availability of holiday loans can also mean that this is within the grasp of more couples, though it’s important to not get into a difficult financial situation to fund the perfect trip. Homeowner loans are another viable means of getting a little extra cash in order to enjoy life, enabling the lady in question to be whisked away for pampering somewhere warmer. City breaks are a good option because they don’t need extra time off work, meaning that the trip can be a real surprise when she arrives at the airport on Friday evening. If holiday allowances permit, though, a longer break somewhere totally different would also be appreciated by women everywhere.

Whatever gift is chosen, what women really want is to be valued and for their partners to show that they have really put some thought into it. Whether you are buying chocolates or roses, a trip to Paris or a set of lingerie, making sure the lady knows how loved she is will always make a difference to any gift.

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