Do you long for better toy storage? Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and suddenly all your toy storage problems would disappear? Well I can’t promise to solve all of your toy storage problems, but after scouring Pinterest for some solutions myself I had to put together this little roundup of those that I’d found.

brilliant toy storage ideas for the bedroom and playroom

Here are some great ideas, new and old for storing your kids’ toys:

1. Craft Storage:


Source: via Jen on Pinterest


2. Pretty Bedroom Box Storage:



3. Over Door Hanger – Boys’ Toys:





4. Amazing Lego Storage:




5. Girl’s Headband Storage Idea:


Source: via Jen on Pinterest




6. Organised Girl’s Bedroom Shelving:


Source: via Jen on Pinterest




7. Underbed Toy Storage:


Source: via Jen on Pinterest




 8. Overdoor Hanger – Girls’ Dolls


Source: via Carol on Pinterest





9. Upcycled Pallet Boxes for Playroom Storage:






 10. Above the Bed Ladder Storage – Soft Toys:


Source: via Jen on Pinterest



I do hope you like these ideas. Aren’t they great? Let me know if you are using any of these ideas already or if you give any of them a go.

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