5 Garden Party Top Tips

Today’s guest post has some great ideas on how to get ready for a summer garden party. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for some great weather then. Enjoy.

garden party top tipsSummer is finally here, which can mean only one thing. A garden party! You don’t have to spend all your time or money on making your garden party great, as it can be done beautifully for next to nothing. Make sure that yours is the party of the season with our tips.

Light Up Your Garden

As your garden party descends into dusk, you’ll need light to keep the party going. There are so many beautiful ways of lighting your garden to make it a place to be – and to stay in – as it gets dark. Whether you’re leaning towards something romantic like fairy lights, something vintage like festoon lights or you want to bring the indoors out like with these lacy lampshades, it can mean the difference between a good garden party and one that goes on all night long.

Lawn Games

Create memories with lawn games. From giant connect four to posh croquet, introducing a little bit of competition to the mix guarantees a good time for all. You can make your own lawn games easily. Grab some cardboard and some markers and you can make your own lawn scrabble. With the same materials you could create a memory game too.

summer garden party fun

Pimp Your Plants

Your garden might be gorgeous, but it can always do with something extra for a party. Whether you add extra potted plants in inexpensive containers on your patio, or you add lights or decoration to your existing plants, embellishing your plants will add that extra little bit of depth to your party. If you’re having a theme, such as Fairy Woodland then adding tiny fairies to your shrubs or bushes and little doors to the base of trees will make your party all the more magical.

Food and Drinks Stations

To save on stress, have several stations with different food and drink options. That way, you not only encourage your guests to mingle and get to know one and other, but it also means that you don’t have to worry about the timing of food or making sure that everyone has a drink, because they can get it themselves!


Music is essential. You need to appeal to as many of the senses as possible, so music is important. Ask everyone to bring a playlist on their iPod or MP3 player, perhaps on a certain theme, so everyone gets to listen to something that they love.

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