How to Decorate your Home Without Spending Much Money

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Creating a beautiful home does not need to be expensive. There are some tips that enable us to decorate without spending a lot of money, which can be very convenient if we have moved to a new home and do not have much of a budget, or if we want to sell a property and maximise profits.

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How to Decorate Your Home Without Spending Lots of Money

1. Invest in Furniture with the Best Value for Money

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Because there is so much competition in the sector, it is possible to find inexpensive but high quality furniture.

Do not make the mistake of buying low quality furniture just to save money. If this is tricky right now and you need to save money, we recommend waiting for the next seasonal sales or the next Black Friday.

Also, to make sure you always decorate within your budget it is important to focus on each room individually. Try not to do too much at once.

2. Decorative Wall Coverings

Walls speak loud about the decoration of your home. One of the most important decorative elements for your walls are art paintings, as we know they fill them with colour and personality

The only obstacle here is that paintings are not usually cheap. If you can’t find affordable paintings, decorative prints are a good substitute.

You can arrange them however you like; either on their own or create a collage by joining different sheets together. An interesting option is to use several prints divided into different frames, but always within the same space.

You’re only limited by your imagination. Remember that you can also play with frames and prints of different styles and sizes, to find the effect that best suits you and your home.

3. Decorating With Plants

Decorating with plants is a must. Plants bring life to spaces, and it is easy to find a wide variety at a broad range of prices.

If you have some time, it could be interesting to buy the seeds and plant them yourself. As far as pots are concerned, you can buy simple clay pots and paint them yourself. This gives a unique effect and will help you save a lot of money.

If you’re not convinced by this DIY idea, you can always buy pots that have already been customised.

4. Recycling Objects

An interesting decorative option is to recycle objects that you weren’t using before. For example, you could paint your furniture to adapt it to your new style, or you can even give it a new use.

You could use wooden storage boxes to fix them to the wall and turn them into a system of shelves, or even use them to create a bedside table.

For example, you could do wonders with a classic mirror: like adding tree branches to give it a more natural look.

As we have already pointed out in the previous tip, it all depends on your creativity.

5. Glass Jars

Although we could have included this tip in the previous point, glass jars are so elegant that we thought they should have their own section.

In case you have glass jars that you are thinking of throwing away, you should think twice before doing so. We can do a lot of things with them: for example, use them as hanging vases – an inexpensive and interesting addition to any room. 

They will help bring life to wherever they are placed. And since there are so many different types of plants and colours, you’re sure to find that touch of colour you’re looking for in no time.

6. Relocate Furniture

We know it’s a simple tip, but you’d be surprised at how well it can work.

It’s an effective way to redecorate your home and you’ll really make the decor look brand new. You don’t have to change everything if you don’t want to, but with a couple of furniture changes you can achieve a unique effect.

7. Decorated Ribbon

If you want to change the style of a piece of furniture, and you don’t have the money to invest in a new one, decorated tape can work miracles. It helps you get an immediate change of look and leaves everything ready to be removed in case you get bored of the new style one day.

8. Check out Leftover Paint

Whenever we paint our house, we are unavoidably left with half-empty pots of paint that will end up getting ruined and so we end up throwing them away.

On the other hand, it is not enough to paint a single wall and finding a matching shade of colour will be very difficult.

But it is still possible to recycle paint. For example, you could choose a piece of furniture to give it a new colour and enhance a forgotten corner of your home; a good idea would be to add an attractive shape or vector (such as a triangle in a corner).

This way you can create a new visual focal point in your home.

9. The Importance of a Centrepiece

The objects we select to shape the centrepiece are more important than they seem. The reason for this is that they are on display for a long time and can either match the décor or overload it.

You can try changing some objects and adding elements such as a potted plant, a tray with its own style, books, candles, vintage crockery, or whatever you can think of.

With these tips you will completely change the look and feel of your home, without spending much money.

What would you do to decorate your home on a budget?

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