Budget Ways to Stylishly Furnish your Home for Less

Today I’ve got a great post for you, that really has some thoughtful tips on how to make your home look gorgeous without breaking the bank.


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With budgets increasingly coming under pressure thanks to difficult economic conditions, more and more of us are looking for economical ways to revamp our home. In fact, this is even becoming an alternative to moving, but whatever your inspiration for sprucing up your property, it’s well worth getting to know a few handy tricks for furnishing your abode for less.

So, I’ve put together some simple ways to save without sacrificing style.

1) Go for quality

This might sound a little counter-intuitive, but when you are hoping to kit out your home with stylish furniture without breaking the bank, you should always have quality at the forefront of your mind. This is because cheaper furniture has a strong allure as a short-term way to save, but in the long-term it can easily prove costly, simply because it’s more likely to get damaged or break altogether.

To this end, a durable choice like mahogany is fantastic for staples such as dining tables, bookcases, beds and desks, since it is extremely resistant to damage. This makes it far more likely to look good for years on end, rendering it a safe investment for the future.

2) Choose reproduction furniture over antiques

Another simple way to combine style with savings is to choose reproduction mahogany furniture, rather than genuine antiques. As well as costing less, reproduction items are generally in much better condition than their older counterparts, which will immediately give your home a more polished look.

Plus, you will also have a wide choice of styles at your fingertips, rather than having to spend time searching for the right kind of piece. Chippendale, Georgian, Victorian and Regency furniture are just some of the options available.

3) Shop in moderation

This tip may sound obvious, but it is no less a useful one to bear in mind – shop in moderation. When redecorating – or kitting out a new home for the first time – it is easy to go overboard in all the excitement. Rather than making impulse purchases or buying everything that catches your eye, be selective; by purchasing just a few elegant staples, you can create just the right atmosphere without going over-budget.

4) Enlist the help of friends and family

Another handy step to consider is seeing if family or friends have any unwanted furniture. After all, most of us accumulate all kinds of furnishings over time, which means many people possess unwanted items that take up valuable space.

The important thing to remember here is that, if your friends and family do have any items they could pass on, you should be selective. Make sure the furniture is in good condition, otherwise it will only make your home look tatty, and that it fits well with the overall decor.

5) Consider going second-hand

Lastly, you could consider going second-hand. Again, you really need to be cautious here, since worn pieces of furniture can easily detract from the polished look of the rest of your home. That said, you might be able to find a real bargain, so it is always worth a look!

If your home has an unusual layout, meanwhile, you might want to consider going down another route altogether – investing in some bespoke mahogany items. While this might sound expensive, if doing so will allow you to maximise your space (as poorly-fitting items can quickly minimise it), it can be well worth doing. And it will certainly add to your home in terms of style, too!

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Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Steph Love All Blogs / imcountingufoz
    October 9, 2012 / 9:54 pm

    Some GREAT tips. I always look at second hand furniture if possible – there is a GREAT antiques market near where I live which is amazing value for money.

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