Wallpaper Wednesday: Decor for your ceilings

Whilst hunting around for ideas and inspiration for this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday feature I decided to take a look at some very lovely Pinterest pics. I’m still quite new to Pinterest and I know lots of you are probably using it already, but I do LOVE it. It is truly addictive (like many forms of social media of course) and I can waste spend many an hour hunting boards taking inspiration from others’ home interiors and design flair.

I starting pinning onto a newly created ‘Wallpaper Wednesday’ board and when I was done went and took a look at my choices. I had looked and admired many different styles and patterns when searching but when I looked at my own board it was all startlingly similar. I was really surprised how alike it all was when I really believe my taste is quite diverse.

I think we are subconsciously drawn to similar patterns and styles though (I have a bit of a thing for stripes at the moment!) and how many of us have looked in our children’s wardrobes and found them to be a mini version of our own. In my baby signing classes, on many occasions mums turn up in similar outfits, usually by colour, to their babies. Boys or girls!

Here’s a selection of what I found on Pinterest:

 Take a very hard look at this image – what do you see?

Dandelion Clocks – love these a lot.

Remember this one from a few weeks ago?

Colour your own wallpaper!

Now one thing that struck me (and not necessarily in a good way) was this wallpapering covering on ceilings.

Of course we used to do this as a matter of course in the 70’s and possibly 80’s when our parents decorated our homes, and how many of us have found ourselves spending hours peeling woodchip off our homes’ ceilings in recent years? I’m not sure I like these examples. I’m all for trying new things, bucking the trend and taking a risk but I just can’t see myself living with this at all. I like my rooms to feel bright and airy – would wallpapering the ceiling achieve this for me?

Probably not.

To me it feels so closed in, almost claustrophobic and very over powering. It’s extremely practical of course, particularly in older houses, where it could cover an array of lumps, bumps and cracks. And it really has it’s place in historic and period properties – I’m thinking along the lines of the recent Sarah Beeny programme where she renovated her very old mansion Rise Hall.

I’m not sure she actually used paper on the ceilings but the paint effects they used were certainly detailed, patterned and intricate.

But to be honest I think I’d rather pay a plasterer (or ask my very able Dad) to skim it instead. At the moment I’m not ready for anything other than a smooth, white ceiling so perhaps I need convincing this is a good idea. Or not.

What do you think? Anyone got patterned wallpaper on the ceiling as a feature in the room?

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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She has an insatiable love of home interiors, has worked with hundreds of brands, and currently supports many bloggers within the creative industries to share their expertise through writing.
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