Why Do I Need to Buy Skirting Boards?

For me this is a question right up there with, do I really need a new roof? Yep, buying skirting boards seems dull, unnecessary and a complete waste of money…. or is it? Let me tell you, since undergoing a loft conversion a couple of years ago, I have a new found respect for all things joinery, and appreciate that making the right decisions on such things can impact the end result massively.

So why will you need to buy new skirting boards?

Well if you’re about to undertake a renovation project, conversion or extension, they are going to be part of your purchase list. It goes without saying that, at some point, you’re going to be choosing a skirting boards for your new room.

They’re an essential piece of kit for your final room and actually, there is vast array of styles and looks to choose from, such as oak skirting board.

But what if you’re just decorating a room, do you really need to choose new skirting boards then? It’s quite possible.

There are a number of occasions on which it’s useful to update your boards, and I’ve had to do this myself from time to time.

Fireplaces and Chimney Breasts:

Opening up a chimney breast to install a new fireplace often calls for removal and replacement of the surrounding skirting boards. Boards get removed to make way for the DIY, sometimes getting damaged in the process; time for new and updated skirtings.

Style Revamp:

You’ve decided to adopt a whole new look, style and feel for the room and want an authentic representation of a particular era. If that’s the case, you’ll need to pay attention the finer finishing touches to really achieve your desired design; don’t forget the skirtings, they can have a big impact.

Installing New Flooring:

Laying a new floor always means assessing the skirting boards. Are they too low? Have they been damaged? Will they need cutting? So many different questions. Of course some flooring requires its own bespoke edging or skirting, but it’s a good time to take stock of this semi-permanent feature and decide if the time has come to invest in new.

Whatever you decide, I feel your pain! It’s not the most exciting of purchases, but feel assured that you’re making it with the best intentions of creating the most perfect home. Finishing touches make ALL the difference and new skirting boards are definitely up there with the best of them.


Images: Modern living room || Living room fireplace via Shutterstock 

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Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Steve Simmons
    June 4, 2018 / 3:02 pm

    It’s true. Nice clean fresh-looking skirting boards in a style which co-ordinates with the room decor really do make a difference.

    We had an extension completed recently, which naturally needed new skirting boards and now I’m replacing with the same skirting boards around the house, to match.

    What I discovered was that the builder now uses an adhesive to fix them, and that means that they are not damaged where in the rest of the house the builder seems to have nailed them in very amateurishly. The result is evidence of nail-heads below the paint on the old skirtings, and unsightly areas of dented wood due to heavy-handed hammering around the heads can easily be seen in bright sunlight!!

  2. billindfr
    June 8, 2018 / 9:57 am

    It is very important to install new skirting boards, one should not do it yourself while installing it. One should install them from a professional as they can do in much better way. It will be not costly to get it done from a professional but it save a lot of money in long run.

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