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When I relaunched my new look blog at the beginning of the year I asked readers to let me know what kinds of posts or topics they’d like to see me cover. Both Penny from Alexander Residence and Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary asked for tips and ideas on how to create a great home office and so I’d like to tackle this subject and give you some suggestions for creating the perfect office, study or desk area in your home.


How to create the Perfect Home Office:


Small Spaces:

Many of us don’t have the room in our homes to create a separate home office or have a dedicated study. If, like me, you work from the dining room or maybe the playroom, of even your living room, it’s important to create a clever, functional workspace. If you don’t have much space at all for a desk or writing table then you need to spend time planning on how to best use the space you do have. Check out this amazing office built into a small cupboard. The fold down table is big enough to hold a laptop and when you’re done for the day just fold it all away and close the door.


You really don’t have to have tonnes of space to create the perfect working office at home. But you do have think carefully about how to get the most from your space.

Essential items for a clever home office:

  • Good lighting
  • Desktop storage
  • Decent seating
  • Noticeboard
  • Shelving
  • An ordered filing system

Now if you’re creating your desk area in another room in your home, think about how it will blend in with the rest of the decor. Look at the colours and style of the room and really try to continue that theme into your desk area. In this next image, courtesy of Design Sponge on Pinterest, see how the wood from the shelving is continued with the same look in the chair and the desk drawer fronts. There’s plenty of desktop storage in the shape of the white jars, and again that theme is continued in the decor and storage on the shelving. It’s subtle but the scheme is there even though the whole looks seems quite eclectic.





I love the way this very small space has been converted into a highly organised desk area. There’s not enough worktop space so the owner has very cleverly made fantastic use of the wall space. If you look closely you’ll see the functional chalkboard and magnetic squares yet mixed with the pretty blue shades of paper they blend beautifully into the background. Your eye is more drawn to the powder blue theme running through the whole scheme. Gorgeous. Wouldn’t you love to work in this space? I know I would.



Now in many of the pictures I’ve used in this post you’ll notice the chairs are gorgeous but mostly they’re not adjustable. For me, that’s a downside. As someone who struggles with back issues I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is to have an adjustable desk chair, particularly if you’re working from home everyday. The problem is, many desk chairs are just plain boring! So I went on the hunt for something beautiful and pretty, but practical too, and this is what I found.  For me, this desk area has everything. Great storage, a noticeboard, shelving, a daily organisation system on the wall, and that gorgeous adjustable chair. Simple but effective.



A Dedicated Space:

If you are lucky enough to have a room dedicated to your office or workspace, then my biggest tip here is to keep it clutter free. Storage and more storage is definitely the way to go. The more space we have the more we tend to spread out and use it! An organised storage system, and the commitment to it each day, means we can leave the office tidy and streamlined ready for the following day. Arriving at your calm and clutter free desk first thing in the morning will be motivating and inspiring.  I love the order in this room. Everything has a place and as long as you routinely file and tidy as you go, it could stay like this!


If you would like more inspiration for your home office then do take a look at my Pinterest board for further ideas.

What do you think? Does your workspace need an overhaul or are you happy with your desk?

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