The Best Home Improvements from 2016

Today, I’m featuring a great guest post on the blog, looking at which home improvements have worked well in 2016. Having completed a major house renovation early this year I can relate to some of this. Enjoy!

Another year is nearly over, and what a year it’s been. From the controversial Brexit vote, to so many loved celebrities passing away, 2016 has definitely had its ups and downs. As politics has changed and taken a turn over the last 12 months, so has the view on home improvements.

Home décor has changed, with various trends coming and going, whether it’s fabric wall art or metallic sheens. It’s definitely been a fun year to experiment with the interior of properties, but what about those more permanent improvements?

The UK has a particular love for home improvement projects, with many areas of the country seeing a rise in additions to their homes. So what have been the most desirable features over the last year? Uncover interior design inspiration for 2017 right here.

Creating More Space

Open plan kitchenMany families long to have a bigger home, with more space to relax in. There has been no sign of the open-plan design subsiding, with its sociable layouts and airy spaces full of natural light.

There are so many different ways to achieve more space in the home. One of the most popular over the last few months has been the addition of bi-folding doors, as they can open up the room without any extensive work. What’s more, this type of door can bring a property that bit closer to the garden.

This notion also extends to having an extension built, which has also proved incredibly popular. Whether an extension is built to create an extra bedroom, a bigger kitchen or simply a kids’ playroom, it’s been a useful way to improve the home.

Updating the Kitchen


The kitchen is possibly one of the most popular rooms in the house, and therefore is probably used very regularly. With this in mind, it might come as no surprise that the kitchen takes on a lot of wear and tear over the years. Having an attractive, modern kitchen fitted in place of the old one can breathe new life into a property and even make it an enjoyable place to cook in!

Whether it’s a new lick of paint, updated appliances or a whole new unit, it’s clear why a new kitchen was one of the most popular home improvements, thanks to its huge list of possibilities.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

People have been more and more open to investing in energy efficient solutions. Not only can energy efficient products maintain a comfortable temperature, it can also have an impact on energy bills, which is possibly why they are such a good home improvement.

One of the most popular updates to make here is the windows. Investing in energy efficient windows are an impressive solution and thanks to developments in materials and technology, homes can benefit from performance-driven windows that make a world of difference.

The Outdoor Area

Outdoor patioGranted that the UK doesn’t always get great weather, but having an attractive outdoor area can improve the overall aesthetics of a property. If for some reason the sun does decide to show itself, a home with a beautiful patio and outdoor furniture is a winning home improvement.

Improving the garden has been a very popular trend throughout 2016, with the rise of winter gardens and a plethora of interesting plants to choose from.

With so many interesting changes that happen regularly when it comes to home décor, who knows what 2017 will hold?

Images: Heart Home Mag

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