How to Create an Alternative Valentine’s Date Night

When we want to celebrate Valentine’s Day but don’t want to do the traditional meal and date at a restaurant, what else can we do?

Well many of us, particularly if you have children, prefer to have a night at home.

It’s the perfect opportunity to spend some time with your loved one, avoiding the cost of a night out, taxis and more, in the comfort of your own home.

Many of us now prefer to stay in than go out when it comes to date night. Whatever our age!

It’s true that the rise in costs of things like taxis, drinks, clubs, restaurants and even cinema tickets means that many of us simply can’t afford or justify date nights as much as we used to. 

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dedicate time to them though. And on Valentine’s it’s a great time to acknowledge your relationship and and give it some attention. 

If you’re choosing an alternative Valentine’s date and staying in, what can you do to make your home look cosy and romantic to create the right atmosphere?


It’s the obvious way to add intimacy and the right mood to the occasion. Candles create a subdued lighting, a sultry feel to the space and cast shadows and textures around the room. They’re the ideal home accessory to add to your Valentine decor

Becky from A Beautiful Space agrees with me:

Candles have to be the best way to add romance to your home – in the bathroom, in the bedroom on the kitchen table and in the lounge. Use scented ones to make it really romantic. 

The candle I’ve featured in these images are from Parks Candles. This one is the Dark Rose which is the perfect fragrance for Valentine’s Day. 

The intoxicating rose aroma, balanced with the tart sweetness of raspberry, the green cool of geranium and the sensual warmth of ambergris is a delicious scent which I love. 

And furthermore, they have a Valentine’s section on their website where for every purchase of a product here you receive a free votive candle. 

Valentine Vignettes

So what do I mean by a vignette? Well to be fair, it’s just a fancy word for display or group of items. Sounds better saying vignette though doesn’t it!

Anyway, one way to make your home feel cosier and more romantic is to create some valentine vignettes in different rooms. 

Kimberly from Swoon Worthy created this stunning Valentine’s day love tray. And it really do love it. 

Even if you’re not doing a full blown meal, sharing a cuppa and a few chocolates with your loved one is just as good, wouldn’t you agree?

Indoor Valentine’s Picnic:

This was an idea sent to me by Steph at Renovation Bay-Bee and it’s a great one. 

How about creating your very own Valentine’s picnic. It’s a great way to have a romantic celebration and one you could share with other loved ones too. Why not make it a family affair!

All you need are some gold home accessories, a very pretty cake stand and some delicious cake. It’s simple but very effective, in fact, I might steal this idea for our Valentine’s evening. 

Make Your Own Chocolates:

How about some homemade chocolates? These are amazing vegan chocolates with pistachios and goji berries from the very talented Captain Bobcat!

No I know my vegan teenager would love these, whether celebrating Valentines or not. 

So there you go, lots of lovely ideas for decorating your home with a romantic twist. 

Even if you don’t like Valentines, I’d still light a candle, drink champagne and eat chocolate. It’s the perfect night in right?

Whatever you plan to do, have a lovely evening. I’ll be out at my tap dancing lesson and the other half is going to a fitness class. Who says romance is dead! (I’ll still be lighting my candle and eating all the chocolate though)

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  1. Antonia
    February 13, 2019 / 2:23 pm

    Gorgeous inspiration! I have a Parks candle which smells absolutely gorgeous, even when unlit it fragrances the room. Love the fresh flowers too x

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