How Your Shower Routine Can Boost Your Mood

Have you ever considered if your morning shower routine can improve your day, your mood and your overall wellbeing?

Well we all know that staying clean, taking time for ourselves and preparing for the day is all part of a morning routine, but did you know that many of us Brits are BIG multi-taskers when it comes to taking a shower? No? Me, neither. 

Triton Showers has conducted a study of 2000 adults and found with some very interesting results. 

In fact, researchers found two thirds of those polled are self-confessed ‘shower multitaskers’, doing other things while getting themselves clean, with 30 per cent saying that they feel bored if they have nothing else to do.

How Your Shower Routine Can Boost Your Mood:

So let’s dig a little deeper into this research and find out if we have the potential to really improve our emotional health and make our day a little easier. 

If you’re a busy working mum like me, then maybe you take the time to do a little planning in the shower. Apparently a third of adults say they don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done, so prefer to multitask in the shower instead.

I’m not sure it’s really beneficial, but let’s explore what people are actually doing and give it some thought.  

Three in 10 adults will brush their teeth while under the water as part of their regular routine, while four in 10 will clean the facility. (Yep, I’m guilty of this last one)

Going to the toilet, having sex and even taking a phone call are among the other ‘tasks’ adults have been known to undertake while showering.

The study found almost one in 10 people polled have taken to washing an item of clothing in the shower, while 43 per cent like singing along to music. (Don’t most people sing in the shower?)

Listening to an audio book, watching a TV show on a tablet and even washing a pet also take place in the shower room at times.

Men think about sex, and women plan their outfits for the day (yep, that’s me – every day) and apparently one in five adults contemplate the meaning of life. 

We are all still thinking about food whilst in the shower too. More than half of adults use the time to think about what to put on their food shop or what they’ll cook for dinner. (Me again, I’m always planning food for the day when in the shower)

Nearly half of those polled think that their life is just too busy and 62 per cent say their time in the cubicle is their only chance to switch off.

So we are a nation of shower multi-taskers – here’s the full list of tasks we love to do whilst in the shower. 


  1. Sing along to some music
  2. Clean the shower/bath area
  3. Shave
  4. Brush your teeth
  5. Do a wee
  6. Have sex
  7. Make a life changing decision
  8. Have a dance
  9. Take a phone call
  10. Wash an item of clothing
  11. Do some exercise
  12. Do some stretching/yoga exercises
  13. Listen to an audiobook
  14. Have a beer
  15. Watch a TV show on a tablet
  16. Have a cup of coffee
  17. Have a cup of tea
  18. Wash a pet
  19. Eat a biscuit
  20. Go on social media

How many of these do you do on a regular basis whilst taking your morning shower?

How can this improve our wellbeing? Well surely taking time out to think whilst you’re alone (most of the time!) in the shower can be a really positive experience. It gives us time to regroup, to plan and organise and get ourselves ahead of our to-do list.

Being organised and able to manage our time is a great stress reliever and something we should all build into our day. 

I’m not so sure that some of the physical activities like washing clothes and eating a biscuit are that practical, but you know, if they make you feel good then what does it matter. 

Overall, it’s a fun piece of information and interesting that so many of us are using our shower time to be so productive – I had no idea!

What extra activities do you get up to in the shower?

Jen x

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