Style and Design for Older Kids with Micro Scooters

Some things are worth paying for. For years, we’ve had simple, inexpensive scooters for the girls for example, but trying out a couple of Maxi Micro scooters last year really changed my opinion about their price and the value of buying cheap and cheerful. I never believed that investing in something like a Micro Scooter would be worth it, but the last year has shown me that it totally is.

maxi micro scooters review

Miss R, my youngest daughter, has used her Maxi twice a day, every school day for the last 6 months. It’s made the school run more bearable, encouraged exercise and given her oodles of fun on a trip she’d sometimes rather not be making. The scooter itself still looks in great condition, a tad dirty from the Winter months, but still looks stunning and we’ve had no problems with it at all. I’ve even had a cheeky scoot on it, on the way back from school and it feels great.

Now, Miss R is almost 10 and has started to feel a little self-conscious on a 3 wheeled scooter. There’s nothing wrong with it,  it’s just about peer pressure, and she won’t scoot on it when her friends are on their two-wheeled scooters. So I wondered what other options there might be for the cool conscious tweens.

scooter micro

Micro Scooters don’t disappoint and we’ve been trying out the 2-wheeled aluminium Sprite for a couple of weeks. What I didn’t realise was, Micro is the original folding aluminium scooter brand – the grandfather of the scooting world if you’d like. The Sprite is suitable for ages 5-12 and is the perfect scooter for learning on 2-wheels. It’s quite lightweight, fold up easily for transportation (great for popping in the boot of the car) and has a kick-stand so it stands independently.

Micro branding

Sprite scooting

As with all Micro products, it’s beautifully designed too. There’s something about the way it looks that makes it edgy and different. The smaller wheels for sure give it a rather quirky look, but the colouring is easy on the eye, and the branding is funky too. Ideal for the tween who’s become self-conscious on a Maxi. Unlike the Maxi, the Sprite steers like a bike, and the handlebars turn around and around, giving it a fun, stunt like feel.

As a parent, I like the sturdy, solid feel of the Sprite. From my experience of Maxi’s, I know this scooter is going to last and last too. I’ve given it a ride myself and it’s incredibly smooth; no rattling and shaking like other scooters. I love the kick-stand too. Over the years, I’ve been very fed up with scooters leaning against my kitchen walls, marking the paint, and then falling in a heap on the floor. With this kick-stand on the Sprite, there’s no problem at all like this, and it stands firmly on its own.


The Sprite is available in lots of different colours to suit boys and girls. Ours is in Purple, but we were quite taken by the Floral one too! The Sprite retails for £59.95, which knowing how reliable and well-made Micro Scooters are, is a great price. I’m sure once Miss E outgrows her Sprite, it will still have years of life left in it for Miss R.

Have you tried a Micro Sprite? Do you like the style and design of the Micro Scooter?

I was given a Micro Sprite for the purposes of this review, but the comments and opinions are genuine and honest.


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Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Michelle Twin Mum
    April 23, 2014 / 7:29 pm

    Ohh the Sprite looks nice, one of my twins is hankering after a big girl scooter and trying to talk me into a new one! Mich x

  2. Amela Anit
    March 20, 2016 / 7:59 pm

    Its look nice with color & style. I must grab this scooter for my daughter!

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