Top 5 Favourite Lights for Contemporary Homes and Gardens

I do love great lighting. Almost as much as I love cushions. I must admit I don’t have a stash of spare lights in the loft as I do with cushions though.

With this in mind I’ve found these great lighting options over at which I thought I’d share. Let me know if this is the kind of thing you go for in your home.

Concrete Pendant Lights:

I have a set of these on my hall landing (3 in total) and love them. They’ve been up for 2 years now and I really don’t get tired of them. There’s just something about the rough, rugged texture that draws me in. Remember they’ll be heavy so make sure you have the support in place to take their weight.

You can see more modern pendant lighting HERE.

Sleek Floor Lamps:

Metallic home accessories are still big news but many have moved on from copper – I still have quite a few copper bits which I love though. However, mixing up the metallics and going for a most muted brass tone is finding its way into all pieces, and lighting is no exception. This Birdy floor lamp caught my eye with its brass finish and sleek styling. A definite winner.

Desk Lamps:

I do think a great desk lamp is a little hard to find. Of course it depends on your likes and your styling but I’m often disappointed but the more traditional desk lamp design and hanker after something more creative. This simple modern desk lamp is actually made of metal with a wood effect finish, even the shade is metal. Perfect for many spaces I think.

Wall Lights:

If I find desk lamps hard to choose then, for me, wall lights are pretty impossible. I’m not a fan of an uplighter style wall light and really can never find one that suits my home interior. This is why I often go for a mounted desk light style fitting. This one, the Coco, is extremely flexible too with a fully pivoting action, ideal for a bedroom, I think you’d agree.

Outdoor Wall Light:

As it’s summer I couldn’t dismiss the outside lighting arena, and this solar wall light caught my eye. Not only for its contemporary, simple design but because many people don’t realise they exist. Solar lighting is traditionally a string of lights on your fence, but in fact, solar wall lights like this can be easily placed around the perimeter of your home to provide soft, ambient lighting, ideal for added security and ease of movement.

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