Water Softeners: Why Soft Water Adds to a Chic Lifestyle

Soft water

Granted, soft water is not on everyone’s check-list when it comes to interior design. If the space you live in looks and feels perfect, it can be incredibly easy to overlook what might ordinarily go unnoticed. Things like how hard or soft your water is, for example.

When you consider that the hardness of your water could be affecting your rooms, and how you use them it becomes a very different story. Hard water can damage everything from your hair to your plumbing, with soft water doing near enough the exact opposite.

In terms of housekeeping, soft water doesn’t create limescale, and consequently doesn’t leave those frustrating soap scum marks. This saves us time in terms of cleaning, which is always a winning benefit! Hard water can ultimately break down the finishes on your appliances too; not an ideal situation if you’ve just spent a good wedge of money making your home perfect.

If you are able to convert to soft water in your home, you’ll find that you use less washing powder when doing laundry, drinking water becomes much more appealing and you’re essentially elongating the life of your appliances something that’s going to save you plenty of money over the years.

It doesn’t just make economic sense either, as we found that soft water adds an element of luxury into otherwise mundane tasks like bathing and shaving. Our hair has never felt so soft, and razor blades last for ages now! If you or the kids suffer from dry skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, softened water can help the skin recover.

Soft water is essential to maintaining the look of the kitchens and bathrooms you’ve worked hard to create, and it’s really easily installed. Companies like Harvey Water Softeners can really help make this a painless experience. The unit is roughly the size of a desktop computer, but this fits away out of sight, usually under the cupboard by your kitchen sink. This unit is then responsible for removing the limescale causing minerals from your water.

It seems like a rather ridiculous thing to get excited about, but having soft water in the house really transforms the appearance of our kitchen and bathrooms, and we’re not ones to dismiss the added luxurious benefits to bath-time either!

Image: Where Happy Lives via Jen on Pinterest

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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