What the Most Lavish Bathrooms Have in Common

Welcome to today’s guest article which looks at the features that make up a luxurious bathroom design. Having just planned out a small bathroom for our own home, I was keen to see how many of these points I’d covered, or missed. How about you?

Luxury bathroom designThere’s no denying that if given the option to have one luxury room in your house, the bathroom is a strong contender. To grab a fluffy new towel from a heated rail after enjoying a long soak in a claw-footed tub is tempting, like having a spa at home. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to recreate a luxury bathroom in your own home, if you know how to be clever about it.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Brits have some of the smallest homes in Europe, and when that’s translated into the littlest room, having space for a bathtub feels quite luxurious already. Having a freestanding bathtub makes the room look bigger and more clean, and also means you can play around to find the best placement. Placing a the bath next to a window allows for a ledge on which to place tealights, and maximises the natural light entering the room. Just remember to frost the windows before you hop in.

Large Sinks

Again, a shortfall of tiny British bathrooms is the tiny sink space. When staying in hotels, you’ll notice the considerably larger space in which to store toiletries and wash your hands, so treat yourself to that upgrade. Situating a large sink in a waist-height block cabinet provides sleek storage space for linens and spare toiletries without having them on show. Not to mention, a bigger sink, possibly even two persons’ width, means fewer arguments in a family home when it’s time to brush teeth.

Glass Shower

A glass shower cubicle or wet room inherently feels nicer than showering with a grotty (and often tacky designed) shower curtain. A freestanding shower cubicle makes the most of light, prevents excess water on the floor, and is easy to clean in comparison to standard curtain-in-bath combinations in your standard home. A luxe wooden or metal bench is another swish addition to a glass shower, ideal for people with mobility issues or for shaving legs.

Little Extras

When thinking of hotel bathrooms, it’s always the smaller details which set the room off as truly luxurious. Heated towel rails make the room warmer during winter and help to prevent damp while minimalist large mirrors reflect light across the whole space while creating a clean cut look. Even little touches such as an elegant soap dish can minimise mess and make washing hands feel more of a treat than usual. Finally, adding ornaments sparingly or adding small potted plants can contribute to an overall feeling of luxury.

Lavish bathroom design and what they all have in common

Image: Luxury Bathroom via Shutterstock

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  1. Julianna
    November 4, 2015 / 11:39 pm

    Great article – such simple solutions to create a stylish bathroom!

  2. Shelley Jessup
    November 20, 2015 / 1:50 am

    Thats one room I really want luxurious

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