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where there are flowersIt makes a massive difference to my mood and my wellbeing if my home is calm. ordered and serene. Of course, having children can make that a bit tricky sometimes but I do strive to achieve this in any way I can. That can often mean simply ensuring one room stays tidy, clean and clutter free, and quite often that can only happen in the evenings when the house is quiet. A tranquil space can really affect how we feel and calming scents really help too.

Serenity with flowersI’ve been working on a lovely campaign with Molton Brown trying out their brand new scent, Coco and Sandalwood. I’ve long been a Molton Brown fan, but not often tried their home fragrance range; I’d always loved their body lotions and remember a beautiful Molton Brown gift basket from work colleagues when my eldest daughter was born. Wow, that seems like years ago now!

The new fragrance, Coco and Sandalwood is absolutely one of my favourites. I simply adore it. It’s refreshing, soft, sweet and flowery, but without being overpowering. I have the candle and reed sticks dotted about the home, and the whole place smells beautiful. Like a tropical island.

Calm and peaceful flowersCreating a home full of serenity, peace and tranquillity is really not easy, particularly when it’s a family home, but there are ways to add pockets of calm and fragrance is a very easy way to do this.

Adding a well loved scent to the home brings all kinds of feelings. It triggers memories, grounds us and links back to happy times. Think of holidays for example. Would a particular smell transport you back to a particular trip? Would you almost feel the sun on your face, hear the lapping of the ocean, or the children squealing as they played in the waves? Would you recall the blooming tropical flowers? Or the mist rising across the fields in the early morning dawn? There are all kinds of memories that come flooding back, just from one single fragrance so we mustn’t underestimate their power.

Molton Brown Serenity in the HomeAnother thing I’m most impressed with regarding the Coco and Sandalwood collection is the look and design of the packaging. Time and time again I am dissuaded from purchasing candles simply because I don’t like the style of them. Cleverly, Molton Brown have created a set here that’s simple, elegant and pure. The snow white casing reminds me of coconuts, or ice or just something sophisticated. It’s not fussy, it’s not cluttered and it’s not busy. It’s just perfect. And would be perfect for any home and any decor too.

Molton Brown Coco and Sandalwood candle


Molton Brown serene homeI was thrilled to be asked to create a special Coco and Sandalwood Pinterest board to help support the launch of the new products this month, and it’s been a real treat to go on the hunt for the perfect images to capture the serenity of this fragrance. Do you think I’ve managed it? I’ll be pinning to this board for the next few weeks, so why not follow along and see if any of the images inspire you in your interior decor. I know I’m going to give my home more of a decluttter over the coming weeks.

Creating a peaceful, calming home isn't easy, but fragrance and a good declutttering can really help. Click through to find out more on how these tips will help you create a home full of serenity and tranquillity.

WIN a Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Collection worth £144

So would you like your home to smell sweet and tropical like a holiday island? If so, you can enter the giveaway here to win this amazing set of products including:

  • Coco & Sandalwood Home & Linen Mist
  • Coco & Sandalwood Aroma Reeds
  • Coco & Sandalwood Single Wick Candle
  • Coco & Sandalwood Body Wash
  • Coco & Sandalwood Nourishing Body Lotion


It’s a truly beautiful set in simple, elegant packaging that will complement any home. To enter, simply follow the details in the rafflecopter widget below and good luck!

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Giveaway Closes: 28th August 2016 Midnight

Good luck!

Full T&C’s in the rafflecopter above

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