Is Bespoke Furniture Worth the Investment?

So whilst I always endeavour to include cost effective advice on the blog, there’s a time when spending a little bit more to make our family home the place it needs to be, is a worthwhile investment. It’s often the case that we have to compromise style, function and practicality to ensure we get a piece of furniture at the right price (and I know I’m only too guilty of this) but there’s definitely a case for spending more to ensure the right fit. Bespoke furniture is often overlooked as too expensive but should we be taking it more seriously and investing in one off pieces for our homes? Let’s discuss in more detail.

Image: Making Spaces

I recently read a great article from interior designer Karen Knox over on her blog Making Spaces. I love Karen’s fearless designs and value her opinion so this article on bespoke joinery is worth a read. It shows how investing in something unique and bespoke can take your home from meh, to amazing. All you need is a little vision and the right tradespeople of course (unless you can tackle projects like this yourself).

Bespoke Furniture:

So why do we need bespoke furniture where this is so much off the shelf design already? Well the simple fact of the matter is, these off the shelf pieces don’t always fit. We end up compromising our designs, dreams and the overall look of our scheme to work around a new sofa, or shelving unit, or tv stand and more.

Our homes are working super hard for us these days; we spend so much time in them, and need them to be a place of comfort, of escape, of calm and relaxation so why not make them the best that they can be? Creating bespoke pieces that suit us, our family AND our home is the perfect answer to a perfect space.

I’m so guilty of not always following this mantra, and we haven’t always been able to afford anything other than off the shelf, but when we have invested in bespoke pieces, the results have been fabulous.

The Downsides:

Of course if bespoke furniture is so great why aren’t more of us buying it? Well, the answer is often the price. Having something made specifically for us can be more expensive than just buying off the shelf. But did you know your latest sofa is most like ‘bespoke’? You chose the fabric right? Then maybe you chose the leg style or colour, perhaps the number of cushions or seat pads. All this personal choice adds up to a bespoke piece that is then made to your specifications. Sometimes we just don’t realise what we’re buying and think that elusive designs are just that, elusive, when in reality we’re  accessing them all the time.

What I’m saying is, don’t be put off by terminology. Just because something ‘sounds’ expensive doesn’t mean it really is.

Another aspect of bespoke furniture that puts some of us off, is the lead time in creation. In a society of instant access, we want that new sofa/armchair/storage unit immediately. We have an idea, we want to create it as quickly as possible, and often you can buy a piece on the internet and it will be with you the next day. But great design can take time and patience. After all, you’re going to live with this for quite a long time, so why not wait another month or two to make it perfect? Whilst IKEA, the high street and next day delivery definitely has it’s place, so does that beautiful bespoke sofa (that took 8 weeks to make and ship). Wait and little, and the rewards are great.

There are companies who are creating bespoke furniture really well. Take a look at The Sofa & Chair Company who will actually get your bespoke piece to you within 6 weeks. That’s pretty good going I think.

Whether you want a sofa, an armchair, home office storage or a new ottoman covered in your favourite fabric, don’t compromise on your vision because of long lead times or because you think you can’t afford it. Do investigate and do your research. Don’t just hop to B&Q or IKEA every time. The results will be worth it… and you’ll live with that piece for so much longer.

Do you have any bespoke pieces in your home?

Images: Courtesy of The Sofa and Chair Company

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  1. Alison Eckles
    October 31, 2017 / 10:14 am

    Well we quiet often buy and sell bespoke furniture…What i love about them is their price. It doesn’t drop too much. Also their quality and looks are out of this world.

  2. The Elm Tree Furniture Co.
    March 7, 2019 / 8:57 pm

    We are bespoke furniture re-designers and creators. Love that you love bespoke furniture

  3. Nancy
    April 9, 2019 / 8:20 am

    If you have the budget for it then using bespoke furniture is an investment worthy of your hard earned money. Think of bespoke furniture as an investment for yourself. It gives both the convenience and ease of use that you should be experiencing in the kitchen.

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