Master the Mess – Never Step on a Lego Brick Again


We’ve all had those days – tiny frustrations pile up, and all it takes to make you break down is to drop a piece of toast or step on a Lego brick. When life gets stressful, tottering piles of toys are the last thing anybody wants to deal with. Creating a system to bring order to chaos (when you’re having a good day) means that when a bad day strikes, you won’t open the cupboard and get hit in the face with a falling toy truck. Here are a few useful hints and storage solutions to help cope with the ever-growing stash of toys, books and supplies:

Storage baskets
Ease children into organisation by introducing of a variety of baskets. Providing multiple sizes and colours will allow for minimum effort, while adding labels ensures they won’t need to spend even longer looking for their favourite toy later.

Additional shelving, especially along unused wall space or in corners, can create considerably more storage room. Shelving units with coat hooks are another great way to efficiently organize their things and to encourage them to keep that coat off the floor! Hanging baskets are another worthwhile device: just slide them on to any existing shelving to hold paper and books, all the while saving valuable floor space.

Storage jars
Small storage jars are just as helpful at keeping things organized. Separate smaller things like pencils, markers and rubbers to avoid them getting mixed in with other toys. Jars are especially helpful at keeping that new Harry Potter Lego set from mixing in with all the others! No need to buy special storage tubs for this – old ice cream tubs and mayonnaise jars are just as good.

Under the bed
Many storage containers are now designed to fit easily under beds. Capitalising on this space allows for easy access to games, or allows you to keep larger, bulkier toys out of sight. Storing kids’ out-of-season clothing under the bed is also a good way to have extra room in frequently used dresser drawers.



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  1. Rahul Vyas
    March 2, 2016 / 7:20 pm

    Hey Jen! Great post, umm, I am very fond of lego! Do you also have kids playing it? Lego is awesome, I love LegoTechnic,Lego Mindstorms, Lego Duplo, and what not, all great! Keep posting, love from India

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