5 Simple Steps to Designing a Luxury Bedroom [2024]

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Your bedroom is the intimate place strictly for you, where you relax and recharge. After the stresses of the day, you deserve to kick back and unwind in a room that holds the key to all your sleep and relaxation needs. This is where a luxury bedroom comes in.

Luxury bedrooms are elegant, sophisticated and, more importantly, balanced. There is a focus on quality fabrics, furniture and fixtures but not for reason of grandeur, more for rest and recuperation. This doesn’t mean that you need to focus on the price tag either because spending a fortune on décor doesn’t guarantee the luxe aesthetic you’re looking for.

Compared to other room designs, the luxury bedroom takes a different approach. This detailed guide is full of masterful tips that will guide you through the design process of your very own restful haven.

Luxury emerald green duvet cover in a professionally designed bedroom.
Luxury emerald green duvet cover in a professionally designed bedroom from French Bedroom Company

1. Define Your Style

Your bedroom is one of the only rooms in your home where you can express your personality to its fullest, so you need to identify which direction you’re going to take it. Are you going to decorate in a traditional or minimalist style? Or maybe, you’re looking for something a little more modern and eclectic?

There are so many interior design styles available, from mid-century modern for a touch of the old and new to art deco with its priority on geometric forms and dynamic pops of colour. The concept of vintage has never been more popular so 2023 has seen the return of 70s chic, which means lots of wooden features and brown, gold and red tones.

The one you land on is entirely your decision but picking early on will help you tap you’re your chosen trend and keep your décor on the right track.

2. Organisation & Customisation

Clutter has no place in a luxury bedroom so investing in practical, yet stylish bedroom furniture and storage is a priority. The first consideration is whether you’re going to opt for fitted or freestanding units. This will mainly be determined by the shape of your room, but the choice is yours. Go for a mirrored wardrobe to visually enhance and brighten your space.

Bedroom storage should be easy on the eyes, as well as functional. Replace your bedside table with a chest of drawers. You still get the top surface space to keep your phone, glasses and other essentials close, but you get to enjoy a lot more storage space for your clothes and accessories.

This goes for your jewellery and watches too. If you’re looking to safely store your luxury watch or diamond earrings, storage cases or jewellery chests are a timeless addition that keeps everything organised. Place on display on top of your vanity for easy access or inside a drawer to keep your surfaces clear and clutter-free.

3. The Art of Layering

Each element in your space counts as a layer, from paint, wallpaper, and flooring to soft furnishings, artwork and accessories. The art of layering is all about learning how to use each one differently and then making them work cohesively together.

Colour is the first layer to consider when designing your bedroom and is key to holding your scheme together. You can choose to layer using colour alone or you can use it as a canvas to build up different textures, hues and patterns. Match your headboard with the wallpaper or mix patterns within a similar colour scheme to bring some unexpected harmony to the space.

Rugs are a fabulous addition that immediately adds texture and warmth to your bedroom while boosting your style factor. Whether your room is boldly coloured or uses neutral tones, layering up with different textures will keep it exciting. Think boucle, velvet, glass, leather – and more importantly how they would work together to make an impact in the space.

4. Lighting and Ambience

Ambient lighting is much more than just one overhead light for your room. Introducing multiple layers of lighting is the cornerstone of creating a cosy balance of warmth, comfort, and function in your bedroom. You will need a combination for every task, from reading and sleeping to getting dressed.

Floor lamps can often be the stars of the show, so if you’ve got plenty of space to work with you can make a striking statement. The same can be said for oversized lamps, framing the sides of your bed. Though not purely functional, they are playful and dramatic while still offering a gentle glow.

Nothing says luxury like lighting that illuminates your shelves and cupboards. Incorporating under-cupboard lights or LED contour stripes into your joinery creates a contemporary, floating effect.

5. Choose the Best Bed

The bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your room, so you need to pick a bed that suits your needs. Every little detail matters, including the bed frame, linen, pillows, mattress – the lot.

It’s the focal point of the room so it deserves all your attention. Do you prefer the relaxed and undone look? Then, you’ll want blankets and cushions galore. For the chic boutique hotel aesthetic, then velvet finished headboard and neatly folded throws might be more what you’re looking for.

You need to be practical when choosing a bed frame. If you haven’t much in the way of space, an ottoman frame is great but those without this concern can afford to go bigger and bolder. Quality bed linen is an absolute must. It’s not only crucial to making your bed look good but it also is crucial for getting a good night’s sleep.

In any bedroom design, finding the balance between functionality and style is key. The same can be said about aesthetics and making the most for your money. Achieving the luxe look doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg if you don’t want it to and can turn into a DIY project in many cases.

Transforming your space into a luxurious and comfortable sanctuary is within your reach with these comprehensive style tips, regardless of your budget and style requirements. What are you waiting for?


Steps for designing a luxury bedroom.
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  1. Irene Madrid
    January 12, 2024 / 3:22 pm

    In my recent remodel/redecorating scheme, I rewallpapered my bedroom in watercolor magnolia blossoms in soft pinks, greens in cram background, roses and lace border. All new chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps. I have several bedding I like to change as the mood strikes. A new Saavta address is outstanding with massage modes, LED nightlight, able to raise head and foot for easy bedding changes. A new walk in shower has soft mauve, green tiles in shower and flooring with a band of teal mermaid tail tiles in shower. I has enough from my new kitchen backsplash . The entire home got ALL new wallpaper, furniture, rugs …well, EVERYTRHING. Romantic, maximalist, elegant and whimsical…so ME.

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