How to Afford Crittall Windows and Doors in 2024

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If you’re reading this it’s likely that you’re interested in interior design! Over the last few years you’ve probably seen more and more images of interior and exterior Crittall® Style Doors on Pinterest, Instagram et al.  Their popularity seems to be increasing.

Crittall® doors were created by the Crittall® Windows company in the early 1900s. They are made of steel and have thin frames that create a special grid pattern. At first, these doors were made for factories and warehouses. But now, they’re really popular in homes too, especially open-plan and loft-style ones.

Original Crittall® windows and doors are still made today but their high cost places them beyond the reach of most people’s budgets.

In this article, we will explore more affordable alternatives and their benefits.

A modern kitchen with a Crittall Windows and Doors and a dining table and chairs that are affordably priced.

The Design and Aesthetic Appeal of Crittall® Style Doors

Crittall® style doors and windows are celebrated for their exceptional design and aesthetic appeal, seamlessly integrating into a wide range of home styles and interior themes.

Their hallmark feature, the slim metal frames, exudes a timeless elegance, offering a subtle yet striking complement to both modern and traditional architectures.

These slender profiles not only enhance the visual appeal but also play a crucial role in maximizing natural light penetration into living spaces, creating bright and airy interiors. This unique combination of minimalistic design and functional efficiency makes

Crittall® style doors and windows a preferred choice for homeowners and designers looking to blend style with practicality, bringing a distinctive charm to any home environment.

Whether it’s a rustic country house or a contemporary urban apartment, these doors and windows adapt effortlessly, adding a touch of sophistication while ensuring ample sunlight to enhance the ambiance of the space.

Internal Crittall® Style Doors and Screens

Crittall® style doors and screens make rooms look brighter and bigger by letting in more light. This is especially effective in visually enlarging smaller areas. These doors look modern and sleek, which is why they’re so popular in homes and commercial offices.

Since the pandemic, people want living spaces with separate areas instead of open-plan designs. With the rise in remote work, people are seeking private areas for work. Glazed partitions and serve as an ideal solution for this. You can create a room within a room.

They allow for the use of “borrowed light,” maintaining illumination benefits. For example in an en suite bathroom without windows, a door with frosted glass can let light in from the bedroom.

Borrowed light is an architectural and interior design strategy. This concept involves the use of transparent or translucent elements, such as glass doors, partitions, and skylights, to allow natural light to flow through a building more effectively. It’s one of the main reasons these aluminium and steel doors are so popular.

The Overall Benefits of Borrowed Light

A room with a brick wall and affordable Crittall glass doors.

Contributing to Energy Efficiency

  1. Reduced Dependence on Artificial Lighting: By maximizing the use of natural light, there is less reliance on artificial lighting, leading to lower energy consumption and reduced electricity bills.
  2. Thermal Comfort: Natural light can also contribute to the thermal comfort of a space. In colder months, it can provide natural warmth, reducing the need for additional heating.

Improving Well-being

  1. Mental Health Benefits: Exposure to natural light has been linked to improved mood and reduced feelings of stress, which is particularly beneficial for those spending more time at home, whether for work or leisure.
  2. Circadian Rhythm Regulation: Natural light helps regulate our circadian rhythms, improving sleep quality and overall health.

In this photo you can see an example of borrowed light from the entrance hall

There are 3 types of affordable doors available:

  • Hinged doors are a popular style. They’re available with or without locks and latches
  • Sliding doors are a popular choice when there isn’t enough space for traditional hinged doors.
  • Pivot doors are available in much wider sizes than hinged doors – up to 2m plus they have an added advantage; they open both ways

There’s quite a lot of choice with doors made from aluminium or steel. Aluminium is the most cost effective choice here. The market leader are Internal Aluspace doors produced by Smart Systems. They have taken the market by storm. It has the slimmest frames available and has a very authentic look. In fact, it’s almost as slim as steel versions.

The only disadvantage is that aluminium is not quite as strong as steel. The maximum heights tend to be 2.2m as opposed to steel doors where even 3m heights are available. Most people don’t want their doors that high because they’re heavy to open. If they have a high space usually fixed top lights are fitted above the doors.

An affordable sliding glass door in a living room.

External Crittall® Style Double Glazed Doors and Screens

Aluminium systems can match various architectural styles, like Victorian, 1930s, and contemporary homes. They are very versatile. With the flexibility to customize fenestration, you can effortlessly achieve a distinct aesthetic. The Alitherm Heritage is a great choice for replacing windows in properties from the 1920s and later. You can use it for the whole house. Alitherm Heritage can match the style of your house, whether it’s industrial or cottage-style with leaded light windows.

The first to market, and still the most authentic, budget friendly option is again made by Smart Systems. It’s called Alitherm Heritage and is made from aluminium.

They’ve got the look that everyone’s after but the frames are wider than the original steel. Additionally, being aluminium if you’re looking for heights over 2.2m you’ll need a fixed top light.

As well as a huge upfront cost saving over their steel equivalents, a notable aspect of the Alitherm doors in the Heritage collection is their thermal efficiency.

They are thermally insulated, with a barrier that minimizes heat loss and boosts energy savings, potentially reducing heating costs and enhancing indoor comfort. As standard they come with low energy 28mm thick double glazed units.

Energy Efficiency of Alitherm Doors

External Alitherm Heritage doors are at the forefront of energy efficiency, offering homeowners a sustainable and eco-friendly option for their residences.

These doors are engineered with advanced insulation properties, a pivotal aspect for eco-conscious individuals seeking to reduce their environmental impact. The core of Alitherm doors features a thermally broken design, which effectively minimizes heat transfer, ensuring that homes stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

This enhanced insulation capability not only contributes to a more comfortable living environment but also significantly reduces energy consumption, leading to lower heating and cooling costs.

By integrating these doors into their homes, homeowners are making a conscious choice towards energy conservation, aligning with modern sustainability trends.

This energy-efficient feature of Alitherm doors is not just a benefit to the individual homeowner but also a step towards a more environmentally responsible future, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize both eco-friendliness and stylish design in their home improvements.

Alitherm Doors Security Features

Security is another crucial attribute of the Alitherm Heritage doors. They comply with current security norms, including multi-point locks and toughened glass, offering protection against break-ins and enhancing home safety.

Furthermore, the Alitherm doors are exceptionally sturdy, built to endure severe weather. They are finished with a marine grade powder coating that prevents fading and peeling, maintaining their appearance for years. They don’t need repainting, just washing with soapy water.

A large brick house with a patio and Crittall style alitherm doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes Crittall® style doors and windows unique? Crittall® style doors and windows are known for their distinctive slim metal frames and large glass panes. This design maximizes natural light and offers a sleek, industrial aesthetic. Their versatility allows them to blend with various architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary.
  2. How energy efficient are Alitherm doors and windows? Alitherm doors and windows offer excellent energy efficiency. Their design includes thermal breaks and quality glazing, reducing heat loss and improving insulation. This helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, leading to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.
  3. What are the maintenance requirements for these doors and windows? Maintenance for Crittall® style doors and windows is minimal. Regular cleaning with soapy water is usually enough. They don’t require repainting, thanks to their durable marine grade powder coating, which resists fading and peeling, ensuring a lasting appearance.
  4. Can Crittall® style doors be customized to fit different home styles? Yes, Crittall® style doors can be customized to suit various home styles. They come in multiple sizes, colors, and glass options, allowing homeowners to match them with their specific interior and exterior design themes, enhancing both traditional and modern homes.
  5. How do these doors and windows enhance home security? Crittall® style doors and windows enhance home security through their robust metal frames and multi-point locking systems. This sturdy construction makes them difficult to breach, providing an added layer of security to homes.
  6. What is the average cost of installing Crittall® style doors and windows? The cost of installing Crittall® style doors and windows varies based on size, customization, and installation complexity. Generally, they are a premium option due to their high-quality materials and craftsmanship. It’s best to get a tailored quote based on specific requirements.
A sleek black Crittall style glass door in a modern living room.

In conclusion, Crittall® style doors and windows represent a blend of timeless elegance, robust performance, and energy efficiency, making them a worthy investment for any home. While they are often perceived as a premium choice, their durability and low maintenance requirements offer long-term financial benefits.

The initial investment is balanced by their lasting quality, energy savings, and the added value they bring to a property.

For homeowners seeking a stylish, eco-friendly, and practical solution for their homes, Crittall® style doors and windows provide an affordable luxury, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence for years to come.

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Affordable Crittall style doors and windows.
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