How to Hold a Brunch Party with Portmeirion

The following post is part of my ambassador programme with Portmeirion UK.

It’s a brand I’ve showcased on the blog a lot in the past and, this year I’m very proud to be working with them, bringing their wonderful new designs to you, my lovely readers. 

I’m thrilled to finally showcase the first event I’ve hosted this year for Portmeirion and it’s something very special to me. 

Welcome to my Female Entrepreneur’s Brunch morning, hosted at my home a few weeks ago. 

Dining table in pink dining room

Why this event?

Working for yourself is a fabulous situation to be in. You have freedom, flexibility, choice and opportunities. What you don’t have is an office full of like-minded colleagues. 

Working life can get very lonely. You can find yourself very isolated, with no one to brainstorm ideas or share the ups and downs with. If you work at home, you find yourself not leaving the same four walls, and whilst that’s very appealing for a while, after 6 years I needed a change. 

Woman with dark hair holding a red mugFrancesca, Illustrator from The Traveling Scrapgirl

Over the last year I’ve worked very hard to find a group of women who are entrepreneurial, supportive and positive. Women who are navigating freelance life, who have similar experiences and thinking to me, and enjoy learning from each other. 

The brunch was an opportunity to get some of those women together from different areas of my working life and celebrate their sheer awesomeness. It was about creating community and connections, networking with, and enjoying each other’s company.

Dining table laid out with food

What we ate?

The selection of food included pastries and croissants, fruit bowls with melon, blueberries and strawberries, plus some continental meats and cheeses. 

Of course, we had to finish with a delicious white chocolate and raspberry gateau. 

Finally, there were lashings of tea and coffee on offer to satisfy everyone’s refreshment needs. 

TAble of food on colourful tableware

Colourful teacups

Woman cutting a cake

Close up of white chocolate cake being cut on a red cake stand

The Portmeirion Tableware Collection

For this get together I chose the Sara Miller London Portmeirion Tahiti collection. Portmeirion is committed to bringing families, friends, colleagues and loved ones back together to spend time in each other’s company. You can see more about this on their Get Together page. 

Featuring jungle animals with colourful, exotic foliage I felt this collection was a bright, eclectic and vibrant design, perfectly complementing the wonderful women at the brunch. 

From tea plates, to bowls, to mugs, a cake stand and a beautiful teapot, the collection is ideal for get togethers like this or for afternoon teas, colourful lunches and so much more. 

The beautifully striking collection is a feast for the eyes (you almost don’t want to cover the pieces with food!) and made from fine porcelain so has a delicate and refined feel. 

Embellished with gold detailing and featuring a lemur, cockatoo, flamingo and zebra pattern, they are both dishwasher and microwave safe. (Everything went in the dishwasher once we’d finished). 

Two women chatting at the breakfast barJeanne and Emma from THiNK meeting space in Nottingham

Woman pouring tea from a teapot

Kari director at The Liberty Singers

Slice of cake

If you would like to recreate this look, or treat yourself or a friend to some of the Sara Miller London Portmeirion Tahiti collection, click on the following links:

Small Plates || Lemur Teapot || Zebra Mug || Cockatoo Mug || Lemur Mug || Flamingo Mug || Cockatoo Cup || Zebra Cup and Saucer || Dinner Plates || Bowls || Cake Stand

Look our for more get togethers later in the year featuring Portmeirion collections. I’ll give you a clue for the next one – we’ll be enjoying time outside in our newly revamped garden space, so fingers crossed for some sunny weather. 


All products were gifted for the purposes of the collaboration, but all opinions are genuine, honest and my own. Thank you supporting the brands who make the blog possible. 

Jen x

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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