Spanish Design Tour: Roundup No 2

It’s been a little while since I shared the first post I wrote following my trip to Spain in the summer so I wanted to share some more of the incredible design I saw whilst on the tour.

First up in this second roundup of Spanish Design is Bover, one of the leading companies in contemporary lighting with its own subsidiary in the US and a presence in countries worldwide.

bover-light-in-doorwayProduced entirely in Barcelona, there is still full control of the production chain, and a continued truth to the original vision. Joanne Bover, founder, still designs the pieces and believes in timeless design, maintaining a balance between quality and shape.


A distinguishing factor of Bover is its ‘Big Formats’; large-scale products designed for large spaces and exhibitions.

This quote, shown to us during a presentation has stuck with me:

Those of us who live near the Mediterranean know all of light’s nuances. Therefore when night arrives we transform it into small spaces of day. Lluis Porqueras

boverMost of the brands we visited on the tour across Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid were Red members – a collection of design brands brought together by the Spanish Design Agency. What was most inspiring was a lunch with the junior Red members, those smaller brands that were up and coming. One that stuck with me was Dvelas who make these incredible bean bags from recycled sails. Yep sails. From boats. I took these shots of my favourite on location at the Alexandra DoubleTree Hilton hotel in Barcelona.
beanbagThe next brand I want to show you, was actually one we visited later in the week in Valencia – Gandia Blasco. You may even have heard of them? Most well-known for their outdoor furniture, I was actually most taken by their textured interiors, rugs, cushions and seating.

Born in 1941, they produced and manufactured blankets for over 40 years with considerable success. In the early 1990s they started producing other textile products such as carpets and bedspreads, being well-known for their innovative and exclusive pieces.

gandiablasco-seatingBut it was the launch of their first outdoor collection in 1996 that really turned heads, and spotting a gap in the market, Gandio Blasco took full advantage. From the late 1990s the production of outdoor furniture became the focus of their operations, although they still keep to their roots with a strong textile collection too.


gandia-blasco-texturesThis chunky weave and knit is so on trend this winter season, we’re going to be seeing this around for a while longer in the UK and beyond I’m sure. Beautiful block colours mixed with heavy fabrics and cosy, comfortable designs were everywhere in the Gandia Blasco showroom.

Check out these stools. And oh that mirror. I have just the spot for something like this.

stoolsNow, finally in today’s round-up I want to show you our experience with LZF Lamps, again in Valencia. Founded in 1994, the company started manufacturing hand-made wood veneer lamps from a small studio in Valencia’s historic centre.

Their concept is based on the belief that one must play and experiment with light in order to create the right ambience where unforgettable memories are created. Pretty cool eh?

Now check out this hanging fish light.


lzf-lightsLZF Lamps were kind enough to host the tour for a #BloggersBanquet one evening, a most memorable night. The setting was enough really, just take a look at how the garden was dressed. It was simply stunning; a feast for the eyes, never mind the taste buds.

The garden was dressed and adorned with LZF lamps of course, and the table styled with a myriad of vases and fresh flowers. It was just beautiful.


lzf-flowersDinner was 3 types of Valencian paella, cooked especially for us by one of the best paella chefs in Valencia.

The attention to detail, along with the care and commitment to the event was typical of LZF, mirroring their approach to both design and lighting.

Scattered across the table were these portable lamps, beautifully formed and able to charge your phone too. A clever design with a practical touch too. Unfortunately it wouldn’t fit in my bag!

lzf-portable-lampSo do you have a favourite here from today’s roundup?

It’s pretty inspiring to see design from other countries, and Spain is certainly doing it very well. And what can we take from this for our own homes? Well I think they way texture is used both in fabric and lighting is incredibly important and something to pay attention to when decorating our homes and designing our spaces. Building this into your scheme is a sure way to add depth and warmth to your interiors, and to bring your home decor truly to life.

All images by Jen Stanbrook

Take on location in Barcelona / Valencia / Madrid at the #SunnyDesign Tour 2016

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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