A Family Sunday Lunch with Portmeirion UK

This post is part of my paid collaboration as a Portmeirion UK Ambassador

It’s not easy to bring the family together at mealtimes when you have teenagers. They are often hidden away in their rooms, listening to music, watching YouTube or chatting to friends. They rarely come out, and when they do, it’s to grab some food and disappear again.

So, once a week we make sure we eat together as a family. It’s usually on a Sunday when we are all around, and it usually revolves around the traditional roast dinner.

Recently, I celebrated my 50th birthday but the girls weren’t at home that day, so we put on a belated Sunday Roast a week later instead. It was a chance to get together and enjoy some lovely food. 

As a brand ambassador for Portmeirion UK, I took the opportunity to use their Sophie Conran for Portmeirion White collection for the first time and embrace their #GetTogether campaign. 

Portmeirion’s philosophy is about helping people spend time together. Their current campaign, #GetTogether focuses on sharing moments, friendships, time and fun with those we love – there’s more about this on the Get Together hub. 

It was also the first time we’d used our new Out & Out dining set for a bigger meal, so it was a treat to get it looking all dressed up for the occasion. 

So Sunday’s are often a time when we eat together at the table. The rest of the time we are coming and going and rarely share a meal all together. The girls, who are 12 and 15 are often out and about making it tricky for us to eat as a family in the week.
It’s become quite a ritual to sit together on a Sunday and share what we’ve done all week, and what we plan to do the following week too.

Let me tell you more about the Sophie Conran for Portmeirion collection, and this range in particular. 

Sophie Conran is a busy designer, cook and mother of two. 

She started collaborating with Portmeirion in 2006 and designed a timeless and classic award-winning collection which is the perfect complement to modern day life. All of the pieces she designs for Portmeirion have the signature ripple effect, and are popular with brides and families moving into new homes. They are known for their quality, durability and versatility. 

Having already sampled her Colour Pop range last Christmas and continued to use that particular set on a daily basis, I already know how usable her pieces are, but I was keen to see how the Sophie Conran for Portmeirion White collection performed. 

One of the key features for me, is the ability to take each piece from the oven to table (and then to the freezer if necessary). I love bringing food straight from the oven to the table, but I don’t want to serve it in old metal cooking tins. 

For this meal, I used the Large Roasting Dish for the meat and parsnips, then the Round Dish for cooking the roast potatoes, then finally a Small Roasting Dish for cooking the vegan friendly foods for our teenage daughter. 

I was particularly skeptical on how well the porcelain dish would cook my roast potatoes – we are big fans of a crispy roastie here – but I’m sure you can see in the image below, they turned out beautifully! 

It was such a pleasure to be able to take the meat and potatoes straight from the oven and to the table. 

And check out my gorgeous gravy dish below. I’ve always wanted a traditional gravy boat and this one is beautiful – it holds more than enough gravy for the whole family. 

The small shell shaped bowls are so cute and ideal for the condiments which accompany a roast – the mint and onion sauce in this case – but are equally as good for dips or nuts when you’re just snacking. 

The serving spoons add a special touch to a special meal. 

We all ate well and enjoyed the feast!

So, how do you follow a meal like that? 

Well with dessert of course!

We used the Portmeirion bowls from the 12 Piece Sophie Conran White set, enjoyed an apple pie and a hot pot of coffee in the porcelain cafetiere.

(Oh and these mugs have been used a lot by the teenagers in the last week as, apparently, they are perfect for hot chocolate).

Our verdict of the Sophie Conran for Portmeirion White Collection?


The versatility that comes from the various sizes allows us to feed all the family, giving our teenager her vegan food separately, but still stylishly. She really appreciated her own roasting dish full of vegan goodies. 

Whilst the range is plain and simple, it has a real quality about it, as you would expect from Portmeirion. These pieces can be used from day to day through to special occasions. I already plan to use this set for our Christmas lunch. 

My standout pieces from the range are:

Large Roasting Dish: This is the ultimate roasting dish which holds a good sized, joint of meat, a hearty lasagne or a one-pot meal for the whole family. 

Gravy Boat and Stand: How have I made it to 50 and never owned a gravy boat? This one is sturdy, holds plenty and makes a good, style statement on the table

Shell Serving Bowl: I do love this quirky shape and ability to hold a good amount of green vegetables for a family dinner

Now I know this isn’t sexy, but let’s be practical for a moment. Whilst this whole collection looks amazing, I was even more impressed at how easy it was to clean.

A roast dinner can leave hours of scrubbing pans but no, not in this case. All the dishes came up beautifully after a little soak and a trip through the dishwasher. 

Want to shop the items I’ve used in this meal?

Serving Spoons || Shell Bowl || 12 Piece Dining Set || Small Coupe Plates || Cafetiere || Large Roasting Dish || Small Roasting Dish || Round Roasting Dish || Serving Bowl || Gravy Boat

The glasses are from the Portmeirion Atrium range. 

Jen x

This post is part of my paid collaboration as a Portmeirion Ambassador 2019

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