University Tips: How to Decorate Your Dorm Room And Fill it with Home Comforts

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When you go away to university, the challenge is on how to decorate your dorm room so it feels unique and personal. 

Attending college is an exciting time but it’s also a nervous one. You’ll want to create a homely atmosphere to help you settle in to your new surroundings, and alleviate any home sickness you might be feeling. 

However you’re feeling, many students taking the next step in their academic life eagerly and confidently embark on this journey and enjoy their newly styled university halls.

And here you are, standing right before your dorm room, thinking about how to make this part of your life more comfortable and joyful. And how to make it feel like home. 

Decorating a dorm room may require some patience and creativity. But it’s easier than you think.

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In this article, we’ll give you tips and advice on stylish, modern and easy decorating ideas to make your space feel homey and unique.

You can also apply some DIY approaches and save your money with the following suggestions.

Choose the Right Lamp

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You want to decorate your dorm room and give it warmth and comfort. Lighting is one way to do this.

If you are tired of overhead lighting, there are more interesting and comfortable ways to light the space. 

Make sure you choose the right lamp to give the necessary brightness for any late night studying.

However pretty it looks a poorly lit desk area can negatively affect your eyesight. Make sure you have a good quality lamp at your desk. 

Then decorate your dorm room with atmospheric lighting for when you have friends round. It’s the ideal way to create the right vibe for any college student. 

A soft glow at night will help you fall asleep well – we recommend Lumie lights! They’ll also help you wake more naturally so you feel fully rested for your studying day ahead.

Create a Photo Wall

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There are times when you may feel homesick away from your family and friends. It’s inevitable.

Living somewhere new for the first time away from home can mean you take a while to adjust. 

There are things you can do when you decorate your dorm room to help those feelings and make the adjustment easier and quicker. 

We love the idea of a photo wall. 

Use a noticeboard or bare closet door to display your favourite photographs of your nearest and dearest. 

 Creating a display where you hang pictures to remind you of the most memorable moments of your life with those closest to you will make life more bearable in your new home.

It’s also a great way for  your neighbors or new acquaintances get to know you better and makes for a great conversation starter.

Cover those dull walls in your room with your bright experiences and funny faces to make the place more joyful and homelike. 


Consider Stylish Storage

Image: Shelved

The first thing you’ll notice in your new dorm room or University halls is the lack of storage space.

You’ll want places to keep your treasure possessions, particularly those that connect you to home. They’ll make you feel more at home in your new space and help you settle in.

There are many ways you can make this work, even if practical storage is scarce.

Make your place more spacious and organized with stylish storage such as baskets and bins, which you can pick up relatively inexpensively from markets, eBay and charity stores. 

Adorn them with photos, decor and stickers to give them a personal touch. 

You can even start to bring in some DIY skills here when you decorate your dorm room and refresh an old University halls. 

Upcycle old pieces from home into crafty storage – old candle jars make great pen holders for example. 

Make Your Room Extra Comfy with Pillows

Image: Norsu Interiors

When you decorate your dorm room, add some character to the place by adding several throw pillows on the bed.

Your bed is not the only thing that will benefit from them!

Make use of all the corners of your room where you can put fun, colorful throw pillows and cosy blankets to add colour and personality to the place.

Besides, it’s a great way to save money on buying extra furniture and chairs, as relatively cheap pillows will look great scattered around the floor as seating when friends drop in. 

Incorporate your fashion sense and choose pillows that suit the design of your room and complement your colour scheme. 

Have you got some great ideas on how to decorate your dorm room or refresh your new Uni halls?



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