25 of the Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

It’s always tricky choosing the best housewarming gift for friends or family who’ve just moved into a new abode. What if they’ve already got it? What if they don’t like it? Do you really know their taste or style?

So many questions and obstacles to overcome, and come on, it’s just dull to turn up with a gift voucher, right?

So with this in mind, I’ve sourced 25 of the best housewarming gifts that will be well received every single time.

Plus, if you’re wondering what to write in the Welcome to your New Home card, I’ve created 60 of my favourite housewarming wishes too. 

25 of the Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

1. Faux Plants:

Ever since Abigail Aherne turned house plants on their heads and invited us all to embrace the faux plant, their popularity has been on the rise.

I love this stunning Black Bamboo from Rockett St. George at ufurnish.com. They’re simple to manage, and if you get a good one, you don’t have to worry about it looking fake either.

2. Simple White Bedding

Bedlinen from Amara Living at ufurnish.com

Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with some great quality white bedlinen. It will work with every taste and style of room, and if you buy something good, will last for a long time too.

The only thing is to guess the size of the bed, but maybe that’s something you can subtly find out before you buy. I’d recommend places like Christy Home, Soak and Sleep and Bedeck for something beautiful.

3. Luxury Candle

Jo Malone, White Company, Neom and Diptique are all good bets, and are expensive enough to seem extravagant and a real treat.

They’re not always the kind of candle we buy for ourselves so giving one as a gift is something a little special. Scents can be tricky for some people so perhaps go for something subtle and not too overpowering.

Molton Brown have some great home fragrances so take a look there too.

4. Front Door mat

5 of the best housewarming gift ideas you'll ever need, including one or two you won't even have thought of before. If you're stuck for ideas on what to buy friends or family when they move into their new home, check this out.

Red Door via Shutterstock

Ok so this one might sound a bit strange, but first impressions always count, and that’s true of homes too.

However, you’ve got so much to worry about on the inside of the property when you first move in, that tarting up the front door is the last thing on your mind.

Getting the new homeowners a cool and on-trend new doormat to welcome all of their visitors to the new house will be a thoughtful and well received gift.

5. A good old-fashioned POT of CASH

5 of the best housewarming gift ideas you'll ever need, including one or two you won't even have thought of before. If you're stuck for ideas on what to buy friends or family when they move into their new home, check this out.

There’s nothing so expensive as owning your own home (putting aside children, of course!), so let me tell you about a great new platform which you can use to create and gather pots of money for different causes.

Leetchi.com is a new service that allows you collect funds, and ask friends to contribute to your money pot, enabling you to raise money online. 

You can set up a pot for any kind of event, whether that’s a birthday, a celebration, a fundraiser or of course, in this case, a housewarming. Send the link to your friends and ask them to contribute.

The recipient is then able to spend the pot on a partner site like Amazon, or have the money transferred to their bank account.

If you don’t know what to give as a housewarming gift, or if the recipient is a first time buyer, they will relish the idea of having some free money or a gift card to spend as and when they need to. 

Whether they choose to spend their treat on paint, home accessories, or save it towards their new kitchen, they are going to love the thought and the sentiment. It also means that you’re able to give a more substantial gift, pooling together with your friends.

6. Fresh Flowers

Wreath Making Kit from Folksy

I do love a thoughtful housewarming gift, and even thought they don’t last forever, fresh flowers are a wonderful way to say welcome! 

You can always mix things up by giving a fresh flower wreath for the front door, or even a diy make your own kit.

7. Personalised Wall Art

Image: Oh My Gold Ldn

When friends or family move into their new house, what’s a great way to give them something unique and incredibly personal? 

Why not go for a bespoke piece of personalised wall art. There are lots to choose from on the internet, at sites like Not on the High Street – or go to social media and find a small independent business who can usually offer a creative solution.

8. Photo Frame

Image: Holzdesignpur

Why not give a photo frame with a difference? 

Housewarming gifts don’t have to be boring, that’s for sure. Try a hanging photo frame – these retro designs allow the homeowner to fill them with images, pressed flowers and other personal mementos to create a unique home accessory.

9. Coffee Maker

Image: Wayfair

A coffee maker or coffee pot has to be the perfect gift for a coffee lover.  What a great way to say welcome to your new home than with an appliance that brings ultimate joy to those who love their morning coffee. 

You can start with a simple cafetiere or be more extravagant with a coffee machine. Whatever you choose, you’ll know that this housewarming gift will be used time and time again.

10. Garden Plant

Image: Dobbies

It might be a safe choice but it’s definitely a significant one.

When friends or family move into a new house, they want to make it their own, and that includes the garden. 

A beautiful outdoor plant can be put into a plant pot and take pride of place at the front door, or planted into a garden where your thoughtfulness can be remembered every time they look at it.

11. Welcome Sign

Image: Lisa Sarah

Have the new homeowners given their house a name? If so, why not create a welcome sign for their home which they can hang in a significant spot.

And if not, give them a house name of your choosing…. they may well adopt it forever. 

12. Neon Light

Image: Lights4Fun

Small spaces benefit from extra light, so if you want to give a housewarming gift for a small home, the best thing is some lighting.

So why not gift a neon sign?

Not only does it add personality and a little fun factor to a room, it helps a small bedroom or living room feel that little bit bigger. 

13. Kitchen Board

Image: Home and Gift

This is one of my favourite gifts to give a best friend or family member – as a stylish housewarming gift, or any other time of the year.

A beautiful bread board is both practical and good looking. I collect them and display them around the kitchen but they are also amazingly useful when friends come for dinner and drinks. 

They’re perfect for serving bread (of course) but also as platter boards for Spanish tapas, Greek meze and even fruit and cheese. 

14. Set of Vases

Image: Manual Arts Dept

Every new place needs a new vase! I honestly believe you can never have too many vases. 

They’re perfect as a centre piece on the dining room table, ideal for mantelpieces, and look stunning in groups on a coffee table. 

What a versatile housewarming gift.

15. Olive Oil

Dipping Set from The Design Gift Shop

If your new homeowner loves to cook, olive oil is such a thoughtful gift. It may seem dull, but there are some incredible varieties available, even from supermarkets, so be as extravagant as you can and treat them to a luxurious bottle.

You can even pair it with a nice balsamic vinegar for the perfect dipping pair.

16. Throw Pillows

Image: Loaf

If you’re buying a housewarming gifts for someone’s first home then some throw pillows for the sofa or bed are a lovely thought. 

They are often an accessory that new home budgets don’t always run to, so having a few as a gift is incredibly handy. Maybe ask the recipient their colour scheme first. 

17. Oven Mitts

Image: Sophie Allport Oven Mitts

If you’re looking for a practical housewarming gift, then oven mitts are a good choice.

As with all these more practical gift ideas, there’s a vast choice available, so tie your selection in with the homeowners colour scheme and interior style so you know they’ll be used. 

18. Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven from Petromax

This is one of those new home gifts that can be a little more unusual.

If the gift recipient enjoys outdoor cooking then why not treat them to a dutch oven – so they can enjoy entertaining and cooking outdoors for their many family and friends. They may even invite you to enjoy the fruits of their labour!

19. Air Fryer

Lakeland Mini Air Fryer at Quiet Mark

This is one of those particularly useful housewarming gifts – the air fryer. It’s seeing a big rise in popularity right now, as it’s a low energy way of cooking, so it makes a particularly thoughtful housewarming present for everyone concerned. 

20. Essential Oils

Mood Oils Diffuser

Aroma and scent can have a huge impact on our mood, lifting us when we feel down, energising us when we feel tired.

Essential oils, paired with a diffuser, make a wonderful coffee table gift and enhance the living room, bedroom or kitchen. 

It’s the kind of gift you can’t go wrong with. 

21. Kitchen Aid Mixer

Kitchen Aid

If your gift recipient is a foodie, then why not adorn their new kitchen with this great gift idea – a kitchen aid. 

It’s quite an extravagant gift so ideal if you’re looking to purchase as part of a group gift. But it’s the ultimate in kitchen mixers and as well as being practical, there are some very stylish models to choose from. 

*HINT – yes I’d love one too!

22. Bottles of Wine

Mixed Wine Lovers Bouquet from Funky Hampers

Whilst bottles of wine may not unique housewarming gift ideas, pack them up in a hamper, add some snacks or glasses, and you have something fun and personal for the new home owner. 

I’m a big fan of a gifting a hamper, from a vegan hamper to a beauty hamper to a glorious foodie hamper – there’s always a hamper to please the new home owner. 

23. Personalised Wooden Log Crate

Image: Plant a Box

How cool is this housewarming gift – it has a really personal touch. 

A bespoke crate store, ideal for plants, logs or other outdoor accessories makes for an interesting gift, and one that will be used for years to come. 

24. Bar Cart Accessories

Image: Kitchen Craft

Can you foresee a housewarming party on the horizon for your new home owner friends?

If so, then why not fill up their bar cart with some fancy drink accessories from a cocktail mixer to pretty wine glasses. You never know, you might be invited to enjoy them too. 

25. Bee Hotel

Image: Beevive

I love this great housewarming gift – a bee hotel. Perfect for nature loving home owners, and those who want to encourage bees into their garden. 

You can make your own or buy a ready made version. Whichever you choose, you’ll be pleased to know you’re doing  your bit for the environment as well as giving the perfect housewarming gift.

So, do you have plenty of ideas now for the best housewarming gift you need to purchase?

If you want more ideas from our gift guides, I also have a post on Gifts for Home Lovers and Home Gifts for Newlyweds that would be useful. 

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