Cosy Home: 17 Easy Ways to Create a Comfortable House

We all aspire to a cosy home, particularly as we’ve spent so much time in ours over the last 18 months.

A cosy house is a comfortable home. One where we can truly relax and be ourselves. Where we can be free from the worries of the wider world.

We all love a room that feels cosy and welcoming; a home that makes living easy. But how do we achieve that?

Well there are lots of cosy home products ready to purchase, so let’s take a look as some of my favourites and see how easy it is to stay cosy at home.

Cosy house meaning:

Firstly we need to establish the cosy home meaning. What does it mean to you?

We all want to know how to make our home cosy for the winter.

For me, it’s about warmth, soft textures, a welcoming atmosphere and somewhere tidy, uncluttered and well put together.

Cosy Autumn Home from Lights4Fun

How do we make our home cosy?

A modern cosy home doesn’t have to be packed full of throws or pillows; creating the right cosy atmosphere is a very personal experience so it’s important to find what’s relevant for you.

It might mean candles, soft bedding, pictures on the walls for example, or it could be a very minimal home, one that’s sleek and simple – that could be your ultimate cosy space and comfortable home.

If you’re ever in doubt about what makes a cosy home, this list of cosy home products will ensure you always have a few go to ideas.

1. Cosy Home Bedding

Blush pink bedding in a very cosy home

There’s no denying it, soft and cosy bed sheets make ALL the difference to your night’s sleep. I like these from Strawberry & Cream who make luxury sheets from organic cotton – they’re the ultimate comfortable home accessory for the bedroom.

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2. Luxury Bamboo pillow

Continuing in the bedding theme, and creating cosy bedroom, don’t forget a good pillow, and I particularly like a luxury bamboo pillow to give me all the warm and cosy feels.

3. Soft Pillowcases

Choose a gorgeous brushed cotton pillowcase or even silk if you want the ultimate cosy feeling when you cuddle up in bed. If you’re ordering online, check out free shipping offers – why not make your purse feel cosy too.

4. Cosy Bed Socks

Cosy bed socks in a cosy home

Everybody should own at least one pair of gorgeous bed socks (I may have several, including some cashmere one, the ultimate in cosy comfort).

5. The Perfect View for a Cosy Home

Fancy looking out onto a gorgeous view? No matter where you live, it’s always possible to improve your view and help build that warm fuzzy feeling from being warm and safe inside your home.

6. Favourite Netflix Series

Snuggle on the sofa with a hot chocolate or glass of wine and enjoy the latest Netflix series. It’s been my go to cosy thing to do over the last 18 months and I know I’m not alone.

Even as I type my teenager is huddled under a large blanket indulging in a true crime extravaganza.

7. A Comfortable Mattress

I recently invested in a new mattress and it’s made all the difference to my comfort at night. I also think that adding mattress protectors onto my kids’ beds when they were smaller gave me peace of mind too, and kept them cosy and comfortable.

8. My Cosy Home – Keep it Familiar

Loft bedroom, green bed and open ottoman with a very cosy throw

Nothing shouts cosy home like a home that shouts about your personality. Keep it uniquely you. When I asked my husband what makes the home cosy for him, he said ‘familiarity’ What a brilliant answer.

For him, it’s about feeling that familiarity in his surroundings that makes him feel grounded, keeps him happy indoors. If we change things up too much he takes a while to get used it.

He knows what he likes and enjoys the feeling that brings.

Add the accessories, the layout, the decor and the cosy vibe that YOU love. Just you and know one else.

9. Cosy Minimalist Home

Earlier I said a home didn’t have to be cluttered to be cosy. But, you do need to add something that makes it creates a comfortable home for you.

For some people that means minimising the style and decor. It helps them feel calm. And that in turn creates their version of cosy.

10. Cosy Home Candles

We all know that in Winter, lighting candles in your home will completely change the atmosphere.

I recently discovered the new brand, Amber Forest and adore their luxury scents and beautiful styling. Lighting one of these (my favourite so far is Velvet) and you can even shop by ‘cosy‘ on their website.

11. Cosy Home Accessories

Soft texture under our feet is scientifically known to illicit a chemical release into our brain that makes us feel happy and content.

It makes sense that putting soft, fluffy rugs on the floor to step onto when we are barefooted is a great way to improve our mood.

It’s also a great way to make our home feel more inviting and create that cosy home interior design.

12. Light a Fire

It’s the ultimate in making a room feel warm and inviting. If you can, light a fire.

If you don’t have a real one, why not get one on a screen!

13. Cosy Home Lighting

Soft touch lighting ideal for a cosy home vibe

Apparently my eldest teenager loves yellow lighting. That makes her room feel incredibly cosy (along with the 4 throws, weighted blankets and 10 cuddly toys! Yes, she likes fluffy textures).

But her original point is a good one. Improve the lighting in your home and you’ll create a warm and cosy atmosphere with ease.

These touch lights from Dunelm are really great for changing the mood if you want to make it more alluring.

14. Warm Cosy Home

Now it’s not a good idea to notch the central heating up a few degrees, from either a cost or environmental view, but making sure your home is properly insulated is essential to making it feel cosy too.

15. Keep Yourself Warm

Yes, it goes without saying that you need to feel warm and toasty if you’re going to feel comfy indoors.

As we said, it’s not always a good idea to turn up the heating but it’s the perfect excuse to make sure you’re layered up in your favourite cosy jumpers.

16. Family Photos

Now I’ve mentioned family in the photos here as it’s the obvious choice to make your house feel like a home, but equally anything that illustrates your passions – from hobbies, to icons, to music and art. All of these things put on walls around you will help you feel connected to your home.

17. Drink and Food

This is the last of my cosy home tips. Oh yes it’s true. Indulge in your favourite drink and food and you’ll feel instantly happier. My go to is a gorgeous barista style coffee and breakfast in bed.

Couple it with a good book and I’m in heaven. How about you?

What makes a cosy home for you?

Jen x


17 Easy and Inspiring Tips to help you create a cosy home.
Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Alejo Mi
    January 11, 2022 / 12:54 am

    Some lovely tips there, I especially like the photos. I spend quite of my self-care time in bed actually, watching indulgent programs etc. I love the bedding idea, it works a treat.

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