Our Girls Bedroom: A design dilemma

We’ve run into a bit of a problem at home with the layout and design of our eldest daughter’s bedroom.

As well as being her bedroom, it also doubles up as the spare room, and, like many people I’m guessing, we have one of those pull out guest beds that comes up and makes a super king size for when the visitors come.  So as a result she doesn’t have any storage under her bed. But more than that, she is INCREDIBLY untidy! I blame her Dad really…. but that’s another story!

Recently she protested so vehemently at the prospect of tidying her room that we came in with carrier bags and scooped lots of her ‘treasure’ into the bin. She was flabbergasted and outraged as you can imagine. It does seem to have had an effect though, and she is trying a little harder to keep the room tidy

It’s not all her fault though. Now she is almost 8 years old, the room needs a little updating. There’s a mish-mash of furniture inherited from previous houses and lives, and much of it doesn’t really work for her. We bought her a desk; a lovely traditional wooden school desk with a lid but even though it looks good it’s just not practical. All of her paper just slides off and we can’t find a good chair that fits underneath it.

 So we’re starting again. We’re about to reorganise the room and finally whip it into shape.

She’s excited. I’m excited.

We’ve measured it all up and sourced some new modular furniture that will provide lots more practical storage.

We’re going to get her a more practical desk.

We’re going to get rid of the solid old wardrobe and chest that you can’t actually fit too much in.

We’re going to buy masses of storage so she has a place for all her nicknacks and collections.

We’re going to visit IKEA I expect.

Perhaps this will be the incentive she needs to keep it tidy and ordered? Or perhaps I’m just hoping for too much. Whatever happens, it will be more organised and much of the treasure and collections will be hidden away from view. That way, at least, I’ll be able to go in there without despairing of the mess. I’ll be able to find a place to tidy all of her beloved toys and it won’t constantly look like a tornado has swept through the upper floor of our house! Wish us luck, now’s the time to be inspired by all those lovely bedroom interiors for children. Let’s see if the budget can stretch to some of them.

Does this all sound rather familar to you – have you done it for your own child? And has it worked out?

Watch this space for further updates!

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  1. February 20, 2012 / 12:52 pm

    This is SO funny! I was just going to tweet a question and then saw your blog! My question? Well, it was ‘Is it unrealistic of me to expect my nearly eight year old to keep her bedroom tidy?! Reading your post, maybe it is…I shall see how your revamp helps out the situation and, if it does work, then may have a go with my daughter’s room! Good luck!

    • admin
      February 20, 2012 / 3:01 pm

      Incredible Miriam! Great minds etc….
      I wonder if I’m deluding myself, but I’m involving her in the process in the hope that it will help her take more care of her things.

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