40 Small Home Office in the Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love

With a significant rise in permanent and hybrid home working, a small office space in the bedroom is sometimes the only option when setting up a specific desk area which doesn’t involve working from the dining table.

A small office space in the bedroom certainly doesn’t have to hinder your productivity, work output, or the aesthetics of the bedroom. 

The latter is one common concern about adding a dedicated work space to the bedroom through fear of it breaking down that barrier between work and relaxation. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

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From modern home office ideas to quirky solutions, limited space is no object with these 40 small home office ideas which will help to elevate the space you have available, whilst making it a productive, and beautiful sanctuary to work from. 

How to Design a Small Home Office in your Bedroom

If you need a work from home office space but don’t have much living space, here’s what you’ll need in order to create a small home office in your bedroom.

  1. A desk space
  2. Storage space
  3. A comfortable desk chair
  4. Lighting

You won’t need plenty of room, just a small space to create a work area. Create this in your bedroom, a spare bedroom, a guest room, a walk-in closet or at your dressing table. You don’t need a separate room, just some creativity and the willingness to give your bedroom a cohesive look .

Let’s discuss each of these elements in more detail to help you choose the exact item that’s right for your and your home.

Desk Space

When designing a small home office space it’s always best to start with the core object in the setup which is a desk

As it’s generally the biggest piece of furniture it allows you to set the foundations and build from there. 

1. Wall-mounted Desk

Desk space is important when it comes to a small office space as each inch of the floor makes a difference. 

A wall mounted desk ensures that no extra floor space is eaten up, and their slim profile provides a much neater look, especially important when your home office is shared with a bedroom. 

2. Floating Desk

A floating desk is an effective way to save you space, and money. Their ingenious design is wall mounted, but it literally floats, with nothing tied down to the floor. This means you’ll have a dedicated room on the floor that is free for storage boxes when not in use with a desk chair. 

3. Desks With Storage Space

When looking at desks within your specifications, always opt for one with in-built storage space. This is one of the easiest ways to generate more office storage without having to buy, or do anything extra. 

Image: Case Furniture

4. Built-in Desk Space

Dead alcove space? You have the best opportunity for a built in desk space that won’t eat into the rest of your room. 

Alcoves are a great place to build a series of shelves, leaving ample space between the bottom and the second shelf. This gives you plenty of space to work from the desk, whilst providing maximum opportunity for storage space too.

5. Collapsible Desk

If you don’t want to make things in your master bedroom permanent, this could be the best solution. 

A collapsible small desk that can be folded down between uses certainly won’t take up much room, and it can be stored away when not in use. Helping to keep a more definitive divide between work and relaxation. 

6. Wall Desk

Perhaps the best idea ever! Space is literally no object where a wall desk is concerned. This nifty creation just looks like a shelf with a door when not in use, pulling it open like a drawbridge to reveal a petite, floating office desk. 

7. Corner Desk

Corners of rooms can represent unused opportunities to maximise space. Not anymore. A corner office desk is a strategic desk decision which won’t make you lose any more precious space in your room.

8. Book Shelving Unit & Desk

Working from home and having to confront the fact it needs to be done in your bedroom can be a difficult fact to face, as you don’t want it to ruin the aesthetics of a space you’ve spent ages creating. 

This is why combining functions with aesthetics is so important. A book shelving unit which has a built-in desk allows you to appreciate the best of both worlds, whilst the desk space can be styled accordingly once the laptop has been removed for the day.

9. Use A Dressing Table

For a modern look, incorporating pieces into a bedroom come office is so important for functionality and space. Having a desk that doubles up as a dressing table creates a brilliant multi-use item that won’t eat into any extra space on the floor. 

10. Adjustable Side Table

If you like to switch up your working position from the bedroom to the living room as the day progresses, an adjustable side table is one of the most flexible choices you can make. 

It can be pushed underneath an actual table when not in use and adjusted according to your working location.

Storage Space

With limited space comes the issue of lack of storage space. Both bedrooms and home offices do demand a lot of space, so these storage solutions and hacks will help you to keep things organised without scrimping on the daily essentials.

11. Install A Floating Shelf

When floor space is a premium, storage shelves will introduce so much additional space to a room. 

Installing a floating shelf above a desk is one of the best ways to elevate your home office, whilst it creates extra storage space for important documents and office supplies.

12. Built In Shelves

If you have an entire wall space at your perusal, utilise it! Built-in storage is great for alcove units as they don’t encroach into the room, and a desk could be positioned in the space underneath. 

Building into dead alcove space will also increase the value of the property, and create a custom size bedroom office in the process.

13. Drawer Dividers

There’s nothing worse than the drawer of doom that everything gets piled into! Drawer dividers are a lifesaver in drawer space, by compartmentalising the drawer it actually ends up creating more space to store your essentials too. 

14. Desk Caddy

If you’ve got desk space, it’s a good idea to add a beautiful desk caddy to take some of the load. The perfect spot for storing stationery essentials such as post it notes, pencils and scissors. 

15. Rattan Baskets

If your home office space is created within a spare room, or guest bedroom then you might have a bit more movement to what you can add to the space. 

Floor standing rattan baskets are not only beautiful, but they hide a multitude of sins. They’re perfect for storing pretty much everything!

16. Hooks

Adding hooks to your home office setup, or on the back of doors is one of the easiest solutions to rooms with limited floor space. Perfect for hanging everything from coats to bags full of books.

17. Letter Trays

Letter trays are a great way to store important documents, store invoices for processing and any other important literature you look at on a daily basis. They can be stacked too without eating into any additional desk space.

18. Mesh Board

Utilising wall space is one of the best ways to maximise space in a small home office. Mesh boards are a perfect place to peg important notes, inspiration and even trail hanging bulbs from. Tapping into your home decor scheme on this will help to create a cohesive look throughout the bedroom.

19. Vertical Magazine Racks

If letter trays take up too much space on your desk, the best idea is vertical storage, as stacking documents in magazine racks takes up minimal space, giving you plenty of room for a computer screen or laptop to work from. 

20. Floor Storage

If you opt for a wall mounted desk it’s likely that it won’t come with drawer space. As your desk is taking up ample floor space you don’t want to miss out on that extra storage space you could create. 

Look at floor storage spaces such as boxes, or a storage unit that could fit against the wall, this way it doesn’t take up any more space, yet still provides ample room for your legs to comfortably sit at the desk. 

Desk Chair

For something that you sit at for hours on end each day, it’s got to be a functional and comfortable option. 

Where space is a premium it does limit your options, but there’s still plenty of less mainstream and stylish desk chair solutions available to you.

Image: Arteriors Home

21. Foldable Desk Chair

Space matters, especially in a shared bedroom/office space, and a foldable desk chair gives you the best of both worlds. A sturdy chair for office hours, and the flexibility to store it out of sight during the evening. 

22. Armless Chair

An armless desk chair can give the illusion of more space as the profile is neater, and more compact. You’re not limited by the bulkiness of the arms which can cause problems when sliding underneath desks at the end of the day.

23. Standing Desk Chair

If you like incorporating movement into your working day a standing desk chair will help keep you mobile, whilst it can easily be tucked away when not in use, and it won’t take up much space.

24. Stylish Stool

A stylish stool can go a long way to providing that aesthetically pleasing small home office space. 

Over short periods of time a stool can help to promote good posture and they can beautifully be tucked away not in use. This style of desk chair works perfectly with a built in desk section in an alcove as it becomes part of the design aesthetic.

25. Task Chair

An adjustable task chair is great for a tiny space whilst there’s no compromise on the comfort and support that a good desk chair should provide. 

Flexibility over the adjustments helps too including head rest height, the height and arm rest adjustments that make it a more tailored experience. 

26. Kneeling Chair

This isn’t for everyone, but after some use you’ll get used to it! This interesting concept angles your body forward to straighten the spine. It will fix your posture over time and they take up very little room, they can easily be stored away and pushed under a desk when not in use. 

27. Swivel Accent Chair

Up the style stakes with a swivel accent chair. No unsightly black wheels in sight, and they can become an integral part of a home. It can be used for a desk chair, a comfortable chair to perch on in the evening and double up as a dressing table chair too. 

28. High Back Accent Chair

The beauty of a high back accent chair is that it can be used in the dining room on the weekend and take centre stage in your work area during the week. There are lots of small accent chairs that are perfectly formed, but look just as fabulous. 

29. Ergonomic Office Chair

If you have the space, then always opt for a traditional ergonomic office chair. Aesthetics are important, but the function should be the first and foremost concern when choosing the best office chair for the space. Opt for one with adjustable options, a high headrest and lumbar support to promote good posture.

30. Desk Bike

Fancy something a little bit different which will incorporate more movement into your working day? A desk bike is an all in one unit which has a workstation too so it can either be used in conjunction with an existing desk, or just with the built in workstation on the bike. The perfect, space saving solution for a small bedroom


Lighting has the ability to completely transform a space, and adequate lighting for a home office is so important. 

Getting that right balance between ambient levels of light in the bedroom and targeted lighting for home office hours is key. 

From layered lighting to task lighting, these ideas will keep you focused and stop unnecessary eye strain and headaches from developing. 

31. Desk Lamp

Providing targeted lighting when you need it most is essential for a home workspace. A simple table lamp will allow you to switch on and focus the lighting when required. 

Table lamp from Anna Jacobs Art

Always opt for an adjustable desk lamp where possible so you can position it accordingly. Aesthetics are important, but function is key!

32. Floor Lamp

If you’re restricted by your desk space, a floor lamp may be a better consideration for you as it could be utilised in other areas of the bedroom when not in use at your desk. Floor lamps are perfect for providing subtle layers of light in conjunction with overhead lighting. Choose one which offers great flexibility with an adjustable head and height.

33. Colour Temperature

Choosing the right colour temperature for your bulbs will help to set the right tone in your home office, keeping things productive and conducive to work. 

Look for bulbs with a colour temperature between 3500-5000k which is a cool white light. You may want to opt for a warmer white instead so you still get the benefit of the colour temperature, but it doesn’t make your bedroom feel like a clinical space in the evening!

34. High CRI

Another important consideration to make when choosing your bulbs is looking at their CRI levels, this is the colour rendering index, and it’s a measurement of how accurate the representation of the object’s true colour is. 

High CRI is classed as a level that is greater than 95 and it omits a light that is the closest to natural daylight as possible. This is especially important in a small room, or small home office workspace that doesn’t benefit from plenty of natural light

It will help to aid tasks, and it’s a great way to appreciate the true look of your interiors too.

35. Tiltable Downlights

Getting the right lighting is key to creating a functional space. If space really is a premium and lamps just aren’t an option, tiltable downlights are a great workaround. They’re discrete, sit flush to the ceiling and their tilt function means you can position them accordingly to act as task lighting. If you’re working from a built in alcove, they can be fitted underneath too. 

36. Add A Dimmer Switch

Working from a bedroom office makes introducing flexibility an absolute must. You don’t want to wake up to harsh bright lighting every morning, but you don’t want to work under the dull glow of a light all day. 

Introduce a dimmer switch to add instant flexibility over the lighting shared by the bedroom and home office space, this allows you to adjust accordingly as the role of the room changes throughout the day. 

37. Wall Lights

A great space saving way to introduce lighting is by using wall lights. They’re perfect for a layered lighting scheme, providing soft subtle lighting in the evening, but they can provide targeted lighting to a desk when needed for extra light, and focus. 

38. Magic Bulbs

Desk lamps seem like a great idea until you have to deal with the unsightly cables, as well as trying to locate a nearby socket. 

Where space is already a premium, every inch matters! Magic bulbs are one of the best lighting hacks out there, they run off batteries and a remote control and they don’t have to be plugged in to enjoy their light source.

39. Make A Statement

Just because you have a small office area, it doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style. Make a real style statement with a pendant light, and pair with complementary or other contrasting light sources for an aesthetically pleasing space.

40. Candles

Working by candlelight is one of the most relaxing and beautiful ways to work, especially when you need some extra warmth and cosiness in the winter months in your home office.

They won’t provide the same levels of light like a desk lamp, but they add a beautiful dimension to a small office space that will ignite happiness and warmth during your working day. 

These small home office ideas are proof that you can still have a small office space that’s practical, beautiful and most importantly functional.

There are lots of storage solutions and different ways to maximise your working environment when it’s also part of your bedroom space. 

Use the dedicated space that you have available to lead the way in the design decisions and always start with the desk as the core object in the space. Then work your way back out though the basics. 

The result will be a functional home office that serves its purpose, but still allows you to relax in the bedroom as the role changes throughout the day.

Creating Privacy

Finally, you’ll want to ensure your new small home office in the bedroom is private from the rest of the room. This is how you divide the space.

  1. Use a room divider to hide the desk area when it’s not in use
  2. Tidy away the desk clutter at the end of the day
  3. Keep your work items stored out of sight when you’re done
  4. Lock away your laptop so you’re not tempted to work when you should be sleeping

Making a small home office in the bedroom isn’t as hard as you think and now you have plenty of ideas, we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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