How to Make the Most of a Small Bedroom

Following on from my post the other day on creating the illusion of space in your living room, this is a great guest post written for me about how to improve space in a small bedroom. Some of these ideas can apply throughout the home too. Enjoy!

how to make a bedroom look bigggerSource: via Jen on Pinterest

When faced with decorating and furnishing a small bedroom, it can be difficult to figure out how to include all the bedroom essentials, whilst retaining space to move around comfortably. Follow these five tips on how to make the most of a small bedroom without compromising on style, comfort or aesthetics.


Choose a Focal Point

Pick one bold piece of furniture such as a bed, patterned rug or the perfect wardrobe (at Littlewoods UK) to draw the eye. Beds placed up against a window with a bookshelf or other storage option positioned around the window frame and bed can create a focal point around the window. The head of the bed can also command attention with an oversized headboard with cut-out patterns to create depth.


In the Absence of Width Create Height

A canopy above the bed can draw the eye up, creating the illusion of a high ceiling. Alternatively, add curtains from the ceiling to the floor and wider than the window frame itself to give the room height as well as width. Sewing a band of colour around curtains which encompass at least two walls creates the illusion of movement. Large stripes can also vertically expand the room.


Keep Colours Neutral or Monochrome

Pick greys and creams and add a pop of bright colour dotted here and there to complement this unifying look.


Choose Furniture Wisely

Choose sleek furniture and be creative with storage options. Lots of chests of drawers can be better than one large drawer. Use under-bed storage to make the room look less cluttered and cleaner. Tall lamps can also help draw the eye upward, whilst a make-shift bedside table can hang on the wall if there’s no space on the floor.


Create the Illusion of Depth

Paint an accent wall or use patterned wallpaper and tie together the colours to elements in the rest of the bedroom. A large floor-to-ceiling mirror placed opposite a window will reflect the light, add dimension and gives a grandiose look. A dressing table mirror reaching the ceiling but not the floor will have the same effect.

Whether structural or cosmetic, these changes should help make even the smallest rooms feel airy and pleasant.


how to make a bedroom look bigger

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